Recovery From Hammer Toe and Bunion Surgery Toe Shortening

A Comprehensive Guide to Recovery From Hammer Toe and Bunion Surgery Toe Shortening

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If you’re about to undergo foot surgery and want to find out as much as you can about what comes after the procedure, here is everything you should know about recovery from hammer toe and bunion surgery toe shortening.

What Should You Expect Right After the Surgery?

After an outpatient, minimally invasive procedure, you will be discharged right away, and you will be ready to walk home. You will most likely have to wear a surgical shoe for the next two to three weeks. In some cases, the doctor will prescribe you pain medication or antibiotics. 

If you have security pins inserted, they will be removed after around four weeks, while stitches are usually removed two weeks after the procedure. When it comes to hammer toe and toe shortening surgery, full recovery time is around six weeks, while recovery time after bunion surgery can last up to six months. 

What Should You Expect Right After the Surgery

There Is Post-Anesthesia Care

You will be given a local anesthetic during the procedure and have post-anesthesia care until it wears off.

Make Sure You Monitor Your Scars

Scarring can be a very common side effect of foot surgeries. While minimal scarring is expected, make sure to monitor it right after the surgery – watch out for any signs of an infection. 

You Will Need to Restrict Your Activities

Even though you may walk after the surgery, you won’t get back to your everyday activities right away. For example, you won’t drive for at least a few weeks after bunion surgery, and running is also out of the question until the wound heals completely. 

The same goes for any other physical activities where you put a strain on your foot, such as any kind of sports. It’s essential to keep weight and pressure off your foot for a couple of weeks after the procedure for the wound to heal completely and properly. 

Make Sure Swelling and Bruising Is Addressed Immediately 

After bunion surgery and hammer toe surgery, you can expect a certain amount of swelling and bruising. Make sure to elevate your leg constantly for the swelling to go down. 

Start Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation as Soon as You Can

Physical therapy and rehabilitation aren’t always necessary, but they are often recommended after bunion surgery if the patient is experiencing discomfort, pain, or difficulty with movement. Your doctor will tell you when it’s the right time to start with physical therapy and give you detailed instructions on what you should do. 

Start Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation as Soon as You Can

Don’t Miss Out Your Follow-Up Appointment With the Doctor

It’s crucial to have regular checkups and have the doctor who performed the procedure monitor your healing process. Your doctor needs to see how the wound is healing, as well as check for any possible side effects or complications.

Consult With Your Doctor in Miami About Recovery From Hammer Toe and Bunion Surgery Toe Shortening

If you’re having any misgivings or questions about the recovery process from hammertoe and bunion surgery toe shortening, make sure to contact us and our team will gladly address any questions you may have. Schedule an appointment at the Luxe Foot Surgery clinic and consult with our experienced doctor.


Does Hammertoe Surgery Shorten Toes?

Yes, hammertoe surgery does shorten toes.

Why Is My Toe Shorter After Bunion Surgery?

In some cases, a side effect of bunion surgery is that your big toe can become a bit shorter than it used to be. 

How Risky Is Toe Shortening Surgery?

Toe shortening surgery is a routine procedure with minimal risks.

Can You Walk After Toe Shortening Surgery?

Yes, you will most likely walk right after toe-shortening surgery as it’s an outpatient procedure that lasts for about 20 minutes, but you will have to wear a surgical shoe.



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