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Are Heels Good for Flat Feet

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Are heels good for flat feet? The answer depends on the type of flatfoot a person has. Generally, patients with rigid flat feet should avoid them, while those with flexible flat feet can wear some specific models. If you have a flat foot problem, keep reading to learn when it’s ok to wear heels and when it is not.

What Type of Heels Should People With Flat Feet Wear?

There are different kinds of flatfoot: flexible flatfoot and rigid flatfoot. In case your flat feet are flexible, you can typically wear lower heels featuring sufficient arch support. However, those with inflexible flat feet should normally avoid heels. Take a look at some models which won’t harm your condition and decide for yourself which style suits you best.

Heels With a Platform

These are created with the heel being higher and supporting greater weight, while the front part of your foot remains firmly on the ground and bears no weight at all. The reason why most women find these heels comfortable is that they make it easy for them to balance without the need to use their knees or lower legs as a crutch. They are also typically more secure than other heel types when walking swiftly or shopping for groceries on uneven terrain.

Heels With a Wedge

Wedge heels are an excellent choice in case you suffer from flat feet because they are lower than other styles of stilettos. You won’t have to be concerned about arch pain or problems as a result. Additionally, they are sturdier than other types of heels, which aids in balance and comfort. 

If you’ve never worn wedges before, practice wearing them at home before heading out in public. This will help you figure out how much pressure to apply to maintain them on your feet while avoiding pinching any toes or otherwise inflicting pain.

Heels With a Chunky Heel

You may prefer wearing hefty heels if you have flat feet. This is due to the fact that they are sturdy, allowing you to walk in them confidently. Additionally, the larger base makes it possible for your foot to rest properly while avoiding being crammed or pinched under the shoe.

You only need to frequently clean heels with a chunky heel with warm water and soap – they don’t need any additional care or maintenance.

Kitten Heels

The most comfortable heels for flat feet are kitten heels. Your feet will have more freedom to walk about in them because they are shorter than other heels. If you have flat feet, they can assist in alleviating some discomfort from your experience, making kitten heel models an excellent option.

What Shoes Are Bad for Flat Feet?

Shoes with thin or flat soles, flip flops, and several styles of high heels are examples of footwear that people with foot problems should generally stay away from. Search for shoes that will give you the support you require to engage in physical activity safely.

High Heels

People with flat feet shouldn’t wear high heels. When wearing high heels, the foot is placed in an abnormal position, which can be painful. If you have flat feet, you should avoid wearing high-heeled shoes because they might also compromise the arch of the foot.


Clogs are not a good choice if you have flat feet. Clogs are completely rigid and composed of wood or plastic, meaning they deny your foot the room it requires to flex and bend while you walk. Additionally, they put too much pressure on your foot’s plantar surface, which is where most individuals experience pain first when wearing heels.

Ask Your Surgeon Whether Heels Are Good for Flat Feet

Do high heels cause flat feet? If you’re worried about possible consequences but still don’t want to stop wearing heels, the best thing to do is to consult with an experienced doctor at the Luxe Foot Surgery clinic. You can contact us and book an appointment – our team will answer all of your questions and make sure you find the right shoe model for your condition. 


Can You Wear High Heels With Flat Feet?

Wearing high heels with flat feet isn’t always recommended, but there are some acceptable options if your flat feet are flexible. For example, you can wear platform shoes, kitten heels, or a wedge while avoiding clogs.

How Can I Walk in High Heels if I Have Flat Feet?

With specific types of shoes or models specialized for those with flat feet, you can walk completely normally even when wearing heels or platforms. If the shoe isn’t specifically made for your condition, this can mean bigger pressure on your foot and pitching of your toes.


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