Best Product for Seed Corns

Best Product for Seed Corns

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Seed corns as small patches of hardened skiing that usually occur on the sole of the feet. They are relatively common conditions, which is why many wonder – what is the best product for seed corns? If you’re one of those looking for corn removal options, take a look at some of the most effective treatment solutions available. 

Why Is It Important to Treat Seed Corns? 

Seed corns not only affect the look of your feet but can sometimes cause discomfort and pain during activities such as running, exercising, or simply walking. That is especially true for corns that form on weight-bearing areas or foot regions exposed to pressure and friction. Luckily, seed corns can be treated easily – all it takes is a little bit of your effort and time. 

Best Product for Seed Corns – Over-The-Counter Solutions

Over-the-counter options are one of the quickest ways to get rid of a corn. They work either by removing the harmful pressure your foot is experiencing or by directly affecting the hardened skin. In the following text, you can read more about some of the best over-the-counter solutions for deep corn removal.

Moleskin Pads

These soft cotton flannel pads offer flexible cushioning that helps people fight painful shoe friction and pressure. They are able to fit comfortably in any type of shoe and can be cut to fit any size you need. 

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Corn and Callus Removers

There are many different types of corn and callus removers, and many of these creams, gels, and pads often contain an ingredient called salicylic acid. It is proven to be very effective at removing corns and calluses. However, keep in mind that salicylic acid can burn healthy skin, leaving little white spots after corn removal – so you need to use it carefully and according to the instructions provided. 

Corn and Callus Removers - Amazon

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Toe Separators and Cushioning Insoles

Cushioning insoles have been created to assist in alleviating the friction and discomfort that can lead to corn formation. The same goes for toe separators, which are especially helpful for soft corns between toes.

What Are the Best Treatments for Seed Corns

Products described above are not the only way you can approach treating seed corns. Corn treatment options are numerous, and which one you’ll pick will depend on your preferences and current condition. 

Custom Orthotics

Custom-made orthotics are known to provide your feet with the support and cushioning they require. These orthotics are made specifically from your foot mold impressions and can provide you with the utmost comfort. 

Topical Medications

Besides creams with salicylic acid, moisturizing lotions and creams that contain ammonium lactate, aloe vera, or urea can also be used in corn treatment. Moisturizers can soften seed corn, which is typically formed as tiny, rounded areas of thickened skin.

Surgical Options

Corn removal surgery is the best option in some cases, especially if you have some health issues that place you at higher risk (such as diabetes or peripheral arterial disease). Additionally, surgery is the best option if your corns have formed alongside other foot conditions, such as hammer toe or bunion, or when you’re suffering from a high amount of pain. 

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When to Seek Medical Treatment for Seed Corns

As described above, medical treatment is necessary if you can’t stand the pain the seed corn is causing or when you already have some other health conditions. However, keep in mind that you need to visit your doctor if you notice signs of infection as well, such as swelling or redness. 

If You Want to Remove Seed Corns, Contact Your Miami Surgeon

Corns are conditions that rarely demand medical treatment. However, if you’re in much pain or simply want to remove a seed corn permanently as soon as possible, a surgical procedure can be the right solution. 

If you choose this option, know that our team at Luxe Foot Surgery can provide you with a free consultation, where we can determine if you’re a good candidate for this procedure. Therefore, feel free to contact us, schedule your appointment, and start your seed corn treatment as soon as possible.


What Is the Best Treatment for a Seed Corn?

Although there are many effective treatments for seed corns, corn removal surgery is the best solution if you want to get rid of them permanently. 

What Is the Best Product for Removing Corns?

The best products for removing corns are topical medications, especially those with salicylic acid – as long as you use them properly. 

How Do You Get Rid of Corns Permanently?

The best way to get rid of corns permanently is to consult medical experts and undergo a corn removal surgery. 


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