Best Sandals for Tailor’s Bunion

Best Sandals for Tailor’s Bunion

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If you have stubborn and irritating bunionettes, you know that finding comfortable footwear can be tricky. Here are the best sandals for tailor’s bunion, so you can feel comfortable in your own shoes again.

Key Features You Should Look For in Sandals for Tailor’s Bunion

Tailor’s bunions, also called bunionettes, are a foot deformity that causes a bump to form at the fifth metatarsal bone’s base. It causes the little toe’s base to point outward, forcing the tip of the toe to point inward. While genetics is the main cause of bunionettes, inappropriate footwear also plays a major role, which is why it’s so important to pick the right footwear. Here are a couple of features to pay attention to. 

Best Sandals for Tailor’s Bunion

Wide Toe Box

If you’re suffering from a tailor’s bunion, you should always wear shoes with wide-toe boxes – larger fronts of the shoe. The wide toe box will give your toes more room and flexibility, and the shoe won’t add any added pressure to the toes. Narrow, pointed shoes will only make the situation worse, pushing the little toe even further inwards. Besides a wide toe box, you should also aim to find sandals with a rounded toe shape. 

Soft and Supportive Materials

When searching for the perfect sandal for tailor’s bunion, you should only consider shoes made from lightweight, soft, and supportive materials. The best option out there are leather sandals, but try avoiding artificial leather. 

Arch Support and Cushioning

Seek the sandals that have soft cushioning footbeds, which make the shoe extra comfortable by better absorbing shock when moving. You should also take arch support into consideration. Good arch support distributes the pressure and weight evenly onto the foot, reducing the pressure applied to your toes and bunions. 

Arch Support and Cushioning

Best Sandals for Tailor’s Bunion

With so many choices out there, picking out the perfect pair for you can be overwhelming. These are our picks for the best sandals for bunion

Birkenstock Arizona Sandal

If you’re looking for a perfect everyday sandal, you won’t go wrong with the Birkenstock Arizona sandal. They’re very stylish and comfortable, and they have adjustable straps and great arch support. 

Teva Tirra Sandal

For all with a more active lifestyle looking for an everyday shoe, Teva Tirra is a great option. It’s very lightweight and comfortable and offers ideal arch support, which is very important for physical activities. 

Keen Whisper Sandal

This one is a very casual sandal that may not be your first choice for everyday activities when you’re looking for something more stylish, but they’re ideal for various physical and outdoor activities, especially hiking. 

Keen Whisper Sandal

Discuss the Best Choice With Your Miami Surgeon

Before picking out a pair on your own, it would be best to visit a doctor and discuss what would be the best type of sandal for tailor’s bunion for you. So, contact us and schedule your appointment at the Luxe Foot Surgery


Can I Use Sandals for Tailor’s Bunion During Physical Activities or Exercise?

Some sandals for tailor’s bunion aren’t designed to be used during exercise and physical activities. However, there is a wide variety of styles specifically designed for various physical activities. 

Are There Any Potential Drawbacks or Considerations for Using Sandals for Tailor’s Bunion?

No, if you pick a properly designed pair of sandals for tailor’s bunion, there shouldn’t be any drawbacks. 

Can I Wear Sandals for Tailor’s Bunion Throughout the Day?

Yes, you can wear sandals for tailor’s bunion throughout the day, as long as you’d like. These shoes are designed to help you with bunionettes, so you can wear them night and day – the longer, the better. 



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