Can You Feel the Screws After Bunion Surgery

Can You Feel the Screws After Bunion Surgery?

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Many patients are worried when they hear their bunion surgery will include placing screws in their foot. Although this is often necessary, it leads you to wonder – can you feel the screws after bunion surgery? Podiatrists from Luxe Foot Surgery are here to resolve any concerns you might have regarding this issue.

Although it may feel strange to have screws in your foot after bunion surgery, in some cases, it’s simply necessary if you want the correction to be long-lasting. You won’t even be able to feel them – they are placed within the bone. These surgical screws won’t restrict the mobility of your foot – they aren’t placed near the joint, so they won’t affect it.

Is There Long-Term Sensations and Awareness

Is There Long-Term Sensations and Awareness?

In most cases, a patient doesn’t experience any unpleasant sensations due to screws in their foot. However, there may be some problems with screws that can cause awareness. This happens when a patient doesn’t follow post-op instructions from their doctor. Complications that may occur include irritation in the foot, joint stiffness, or even an infection (which is easily treated). 

Can You Live With Screws After Bunion Surgery?

Many may be surprised to learn that you can easily live with screws in your foot for as long as needed – screws can even be left in the foot for the rest of your life if there aren’t any complications. Still, if a screw gets loose (which may cause you discomfort), it may need to be removed. Every case is different – your doctor will decide what will suit you best. 

What Is the Role of Screws in Bunion Surgery?

We’ve established that they are often necessary, but why? Screws are useful for maintaining the desired position of the bones as you heal after surgery. Their main goal is to ensure the deformity doesn’t come back after some time. Additionally, without screws, you would have to wear bandages longer, considering that bandages would be the only thing maintaining the correction. Without screws, the correction would be unstable – screws make it easier to bear weight sooner rather than later. 

What Kind of Screws Are Used in Bunion Surgery?

In bunion surgery, the screws that are used to hold the correction in place are made of titanium alloy. This material is inert to the body (with rare exceptions), which means that your body won’t reject it after surgery. The bone will actually grow around the screw. 

What Kind of Screws Are Used in Bunion Surgery

Discuss the Surgery With Your Surgeon in Miami Before It Happens

Before you decide to schedule a bunion surgery, it’s important to research this procedure to be prepared for everything that may occur. Be sure to talk to your doctor about the procedure itself and the recovery process after, and don’t forget to ask any questions about the use of screws if you have them. 

Our team at Luxe Foot Surgery clinic can answer all your questions and help you prepare for the procedure – and our stellar surgeons can make sure that everything goes smoothly. Contact us to schedule your free first consultation and learn about bunion surgery. 


Will the Screws Limit My Daily Activities or Movement?

Screws in your foot won’t limit movement – they aren’t placed near the joint. Their only purpose is to keep the bunion correction in place. 

Can the Screws Be Removed After Bunion Surgery?

If necessary, screws can be removed after bunion surgery. This usually happens if the screw is causing irritation, joint stiffness, or there is an infection developing. 

What Should I Expect During the Recovery Period With Screws in My Foot?

When it comes to recovery after bunion surgery, screws just ensure that you wear bandages for a shorter period and can get to weight-bearing sooner. 



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