Cosmetic Foot Surgery in Philadelphia

Cosmetic Foot Surgery in Philadelphia

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The desire to change the appearance of the feet to fit the beauty norms is not a modern-day creation. However, in recent years, many have started looking for ways of achieving a more pleasing look of their feet. If you want to know more about cosmetic foot surgery in Philadelphia and Miami and discover if you’re able to change the outward appearance of your feet, we have all the answers you need. 

Top Cosmetic Foot Surgery Providers in Philadelphia

  1. Comprehensive Foot & Ankle Center
    • Website:
    • Address: 139 E Lehigh Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125
    • Description: Specializes in cosmetic foot surgery in Philadelphia, PA. They offer a range of cosmetic foot surgery procedures including bunion removal, toe straightening, toe shortening, toe lengthening, and corn removal.
  2. Moore Foot and Ankle Specialists
    • Website:
    • Address: 2616 FM 2920 RD STE N SPRING, TX 77388-3590
    • Description: They specialize in all podiatry treatment areas to deal with your foot and ankle problems including foot surgery and ankle surgery. They have seen increasing interest in cosmetic foot surgery.
  3. Pennsylvania Surgery and Laser Center
    • Website:
    • Address: 601 Franklin Mills Circle, Philadelphia, PA 19154
    • Description: The surgical team at Pennsylvania Surgery and Laser Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is committed to getting you back on your feet as soon as possible. They offer a myriad of foot and ankle procedures for adults and adolescents alike.

What Is Cosmetic Foot Surgery?

Cosmetic foot surgery is a common name for several types of surgical procedures whose goal is improving the appearance of the patient’s feet. Today, these surgeries can be performed as minimally invasive procedures and provide satisfying results with an easier recovery process. Cosmetic foot surgery can help patients get rid of a particular foot deformity (such as bunions, for example) or, if necessary, combine different surgical techniques and fix several foot issues simultaneously. 

It’s important to note that cosmetic foot surgery can help you improve more than just the look of your feet. Some foot deformities cause discomfort and pain and can impact the activities people can participate in or even the type of shoes they are able to wear. Surgeons who specialize in cosmetic foot surgery will, therefore, strive not only to achieve a more pleasant look of the patient’s feet but help them restore functionality and improve the quality of their everyday life. 

What Kind of Cosmetic Foot Surgery in Philadelphia and Miami Is Available

When you start looking for the best surgeon and facility, it’s important to find specialists with enough knowledge and experience to perform these types of procedures. Orthopedics in Philadelphia and Miami can offer a range of foot surgery options able to fix the appearance and functionality of your feet – so let’s take a look at the most commonly performed ones.

Corn Removal

Corns are small areas of thickened skin that can occur between and on top of the toes, as well as on the bottom of the feet. Although different home treatments can help remove the corns, sometimes corn removal surgery is the best option. Not only is it the most efficient way of getting rid of a corn, but it’s usually the safest bet when you want to stop repeated development.

Aesthetic Toe Surgery

Toe plastic surgery can help patients deal with certain toe deformities, such as:

  • Morton’s toe – some people have a second toe much longer than their big toe, which can interfere not only with the overall look of their feet but also cause disbalance, discomfort, and pain. Toe shortening surgery is an effective solution when dealing with this issue. 
  • Brachymetatarsia – this condition most commonly occurs on the fourth toe and causes it to be much shorter than the others. Besides aesthetic issues, it also causes problems with walking or wearing shoes, which can be easily fixed with toe lengthening surgery
  • Sprained toes – hammer toes, as well as mallet and claw toes, are among the most common toe deformities when it comes to sprained toes. Toe straightening surgery is the best solution for treating them.

Bunion Surgery

When it comes to foot deformities, bunions are among the first ones that come to mind. They are bony bumps that occur at the joint of the big toe on the inside of the feet. They develop when the normal position of the ligaments, tendons, and bone changes, causing the big toe to drift toward other toes. The best solution for bringing the big toe back to its original position is bunion surgery

Bunion surgery and toe shortening procedure can be combined together in the so-called Cinderella foot surgery. It has become increasingly popular over the years since it allows patients (mostly women) to eliminate chronic pain and reshape their feet to make wearing certain types of shoes easier.

A doctor examining a patient's bunion

How Long Does It Take To Recover From a Cosmetic Foot Procedure? 

The time needed for recovery depends on several different factors, such as the type of deformity, its severity, surgical techniques used, and so on. However, in most cases, you should count on six to eight weeks of recovery, during which you should rest as much as possible and avoid hard physical activities. Full recovery can take much longer, up to a year, but you’ll be able to get back to your usual activities long before that time. 

When Should You See a Doctor About the Surgery?

If you have some of the previously mentioned foot deformities and you’ve noticed that conservative treatment methods don’t show results or the amount of pain has increased, you should start looking for a medical expert in the field.

Book Your Procedure With the Best Surgeon in Philadelphia or Miami

If you’re looking for specialists with extensive medical training and experience in cosmetic foot surgery, you’ll find them within our Luxe Foot Surgery team. We have years of experience in treating different types of foot deformities, from simple to more complex ones, so we can provide you with the best possible results. Contact us over the phone or through an online form, book your free consultation on time – and let us help you make your feet beautiful and pain-free. 


How Long Does It Take for Cosmetic Foot Surgery to Heal?

The recovery time for cosmetic foot surgery differs depending on the technique used. However, the initial healing period should last approximately six weeks. 

What Do I Need to Know Before Foot Surgery?

The most important things to know before foot surgery are the potential risks as well as the realistic outcome of the procedure. However, you should also be informed about the procedure itself as well as the recovery period. 

Does Cosmetic Foot Surgery Hurt?

Cosmetic foot surgery is performed under anesthesia (usually local), so you should not experience any pain during the procedure. 

What Is the Downside of Foot Surgery?

The downside of foot surgery is the possible risks, such as infection, stiffness, swelling, or bleeding. However, the healthier you are and the more experienced surgeon you have chosen, the lower the risks will be. 


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