Does Arthritis in the Big Toe Joint Feel Like Bunion Pain

Does Arthritis in the Big Toe Joint Feel Like Bunion Pain?

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If you’re wondering – does arthritis in the big toe joint feel like bunion pain? – you’re not the only one. Arthritis in the big toe joint can often get confused with bunion pain – but these two conditions are actually quite different. To learn what sets them apart and what symptoms these foot problems cause, check out our text.

Does Arthritis in the Big Toe Joint Feel Like Bunion Pain – Do They Have Overlapping Symptoms?

Arthritis in the big toe can often feel like bunion pain – it’s important to know how to set apart these conditions. A bunion deformity is simply a bony protrusion at the base of the big toe, while arthritis is essentially an inflammation of the big toe joint – it results in damage to the cartilage due to the wear and tear of the joint over the years, and there may even be bone spur formation. Of course, both conditions cause pain and discomfort. 

How to Make a Distinction Between Arthritis and Bunion Pain?

Even though arthritis and bunion can hurt the same and cause stiffness in the big toe joint, there are a few symptoms that arthritis has and bunion doesn’t – this can help you figure out what you have. When you have arthritis, swelling and losing range of motion of the joint are common occurrences. 

How to Make a Distinction Between Arthritis and Bunion Pain

Is Bunion Pain Localized? 

Bunion pain is located where the bony bump is – it can worsen when you wear shoes and walk or run. It’s important to note that bunion pain is localized on the inside of the big toe joint. On the other hand, arthritis pain is usually localized on the top of the big toe – or sometimes, you can feel it deep inside the toe as well. 

Does Arthritis Pain Affect the Entire Joint?

The severity of the arthritis pain depends on how progressed the condition is. Every case is different, but the pain can often affect the entire joint. Combined with swelling and stiffness in the big toe, this can drastically affect everyday activities and movement. 

Should You Seek Medical Evaluation and Diagnosis?

If you’re experiencing any amount of pain, seeking a doctor’s opinion and a proper diagnosis is a must. Your doctor will do a detailed evaluation and an X-ray if necessary – this will help them determine if you have arthritis in the big toe joint. 

Should You Seek Medical Evaluation and Diagnosis

When Should You Contact Your Doctor? 

Don’t wait until the pain in your big toe becomes unbearable – reach out to your foot doctor as soon as possible. Both arthritis and bunions are easier to treat if you start treatment sooner rather than later – so don’t waste any time. 

Give Your Podiatrist in Miami a Call, and Get the Right Diagnosis

Having a skilled podiatrist by your side is of utmost importance – that’s why you should reach out to Luxe Foot Surgery clinic and schedule an appointment with one of our excellent doctors. We can help you and provide the right diagnosis – contact us to book your free first consultation. 


Can Arthritis and Bunions Coexist in the Same Big Toe Joint?

Yes, arthritis and bunions can actually coexist in the same big toe joint. If that’s the case, the deformity will likely be quite complex. 

What Lifestyle Changes Can Help Manage Arthritis and Bunions in the Big Toe Joint?

Lifestyle changes such as changing your footwear, applying ice packs, or taking over-the-counter pain medications can help manage symptoms of arthritis and bunions. 

Can Over-The-Counter Pain Medications Help With Arthritis and Bunion Pain in the Big Toe Joint?

Yes, over-the-counter pain medications, such as NSAIDs, can help manage the pain in the big toe joint due to arthritis or bunions. Still, keep in mind that these medications aren’t always enough, so you may have to seek out other forms of treatment.



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