Does Flat Feet Deformity Cause Knee Pain

Does Flat Feet Deformity Cause Knee Pain?

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If you have a flat foot condition, have you ever wondered – does flat feet cause knee pain? If you’re feeling increasing pain in your knees, you may not relate it to your low arches. But weakness in the feet and pain in joints higher up the body, including the knees, hips, as well as lower back, can be directly linked. Because all the tissue, muscles, tendons, and bones in your body work as one, each joint and part should work flawlessly in order to avoid health issues.

Can Flat Feet Cause Knee Pain?

The severe foot flatness or rotation alterations in the arches or heel that result in the knee rolling inward are the most frequent foot-related causes of knee pain. This may apply to one foot and knee or occasionally to both knees. If your feet roll inward or outward excessively naturally, the knee joints are under more strain. This can hurt because your foot and leg muscles must work harder to manage your movement because of the increased range of motion in your feet.

Foot shape and function can contribute to knee discomfort in people of all ages. Contrary to the common belief, it doesn’t only affect older people – many of the younger patients with knee pain are quite physically active and participate in sports often. So it’s common to need to treat muscular imbalances and weaknesses. When it comes to younger children, their flat feet usually tend to disappear when they reach the age of five, and if it’s not the case, the issue should still be addressed.

What Happens When Feet Roll-in More Than They Should?

When your feet make contact with the floor, your ankles will roll inward. This is a natural occurrence for every individual, and it’s not necessarily problematic. Unfortunately, when it happens regularly, or the ankle and the foot don’t have the required strength to manage it, it can result in inward rotation of the lower part of the leg and cause problems with other joints.

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What Are the Treatment Options?

If you have a low arch, there are several approaches your doctor may advise you to take. If you are significantly overweight, a dietary plan may help you overcome the issue. There are also other solutions that they might suggest, including the following:

  • Custom-made shoes and inserts – orthotics,
  • Different stretching exercises,
  • Physical therapy,
  • Flat feet surgery.

Podiatrists can treat joint pain with a variety of methods that ease muscular tension and joint stiffness while also enhancing alignment and function.

Should You Have Surgery for the Flat Feet?

Flat feet surgery is the final option. This is recommended only in cases when all other approaches are not working, and the pain persists. It is a minimally invasive type of surgery, and it is used to treat the problem at its core. If you choose to undergo this procedure, you should know that your foot will be placed in a cast, which you must wear for the following six weeks. Although this surgery is less intrusive than others, it still has some risks and problems, so make sure you consult your Podiatric surgeon about it.

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Does Flat Feet Cause Knee Pain – Ask Your Surgeon All About It

Knee, back or ankle pain can significantly affect the quality of your life. And while your case may not require an invasive procedure to treat the issue, it’s still important to talk to your doctor about it in detail. You can reach out to our professional team at Luxe Foot Surgery and discuss the issues you are experiencing and how to treat them. Contact us for more details about what we can do to help you get your life back on track.


Does Having Flat Feet Affect Your Knees?

Flat feet are a common sign of foot weakness, which has a direct correlation to aching knees. The functioning of ankles and other joints in your body can be affected by the low arches or very high ones, so in order to avoid pain and other issues, it’s important to treat the condition immediately.

What Type of Pain Does Flat Feet Cause?

Flat feet condition may be undetected, but for some people, it can cause mild to severe problems in other parts of the body. They can experience pain in the foot, swelling of the toes or ankles, pain while walking or making any other movement, leg cramps, or toe drift.


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