Effectiveness of Toe Shortening Surgery

Effectiveness of Toe Shortening Surgery

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Toe shortening surgery is generally considered an effective procedure for treating conditions that affect the length of the toes. The goal of the surgery is to improve the function and appearance of the affected toes, as well as to alleviate any pain or discomfort caused by the condition. The surgery can also improve the alignment of the toes and the overall function of the foot.

Despite being the ideal of physical perfection in ancient times, long toes are not as desirable today. In fact, many have decided to go through a surgical procedure in which their long toes are shortened. But what is the effectiveness of toe-shortening surgery? If you’re considering this procedure, here’s what you need to know about it.

What Is Toe Shortening Surgery?

Having a longer second toe is a common occurrence. However, if the second toe is excessively long, then it becomes a foot condition called Morton’s toe. This condition can cause discomfort and pain and even lead to the development of other foot issues, such as hammertoes. 

Toe shortening surgery is a procedure during which a second toe is shortened. It’s a minimally invasive surgery that can help a patient get rid of the pain, irritation, and soreness that come from having this foot condition. 

What Causes Long Toes?

Morton’s toe is usually caused by genetics – more often than not, it’s a hereditary condition. Therefore, it’s a condition that can be improved but not changed with toe exercises or by wearing more appropriate shoes. At the same time, note that this condition is usually connected to the second toe, but it can occasionally occur in other toes as well. 

How to Know if You Really Need Surgery?

How to discover whether you have Morton’s toe or not? Although the foot condition must be examined by an expert, here are some indicators:

  • Pain on the tip of the second toe,
  • Toe calluses, 
  • Difficulties with finding appropriate footwear, 
  • Pain and soreness.

What Are the Risks and Benefits of Surgery?

A toe-shortening surgery can improve your quality of life by allowing you to perform your daily activities without pain and discomfort. It can also allow you to increase your activity levels and provide you with more diverse footwear options. 

In the end, this procedure can also impact your self-confidence. In fact, improved aesthetics is one of the main reasons why patients are seeking this procedure. It can elevate your self-esteem and allow you to wear open-toed shoes without feeling embarrassed.

Of course, as with any other type of surgical procedure, toe shortening surgery comes with certain risks, such as infection, swelling, nerve injury, and poor foot healing. However, the more experienced your surgeons are, the less likely the problems will occur. 

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How Does the Procedure Go?

There are two common toe-shortening techniques surgeons use. Which method will be selected depends on the patient’s specific condition. The first one is arthroplasty or joint resection, which implies removing a small portion of one toe joint. The other method is bone mending or bone fusion. During this kind of procedure, the toe’s entire small joint is removed. 

This surgery is expected to last for a couple of hours. Keep in mind that a temporary implant or a wire may be needed in order to keep the bones steady. However, they should be removed several weeks after the surgery. 

What’s the Recovery Time?

Recovery time depends on the technique used. In most cases, the initial recovery process will take approximately six weeks. Returning to the usual daily activities can start as early as two weeks post-surgery or can take as long as three months – it will depend on the severity of the foot deformity. Still, keep in mind that some factors can prolong the healing process, such as poor nutritional status, certain medical issues, as well as smoking.

Go Over the Effectiveness of Toe Shortening Surgery With Your Surgeon

We’ve provided you with some basics of toe shortening procedure and its effectiveness. However, know that each foot condition is specific and demands the expert’s examination – and that’s where our skilled team at Luxe Foot Surgery comes alone. Our professionals can provide you with a free consultation, so don’t hesitate to contact us through the online form or over the phone. We are here to answer all the dilemmas you may have.


Is Toe Shortening Surgery Worth It?

Not only can toe shortening surgery make your feet look more aesthetically appealing, but it can free you from the pain and discomfort a long toe may be causing. Therefore, undergoing this procedure is definitely worth it.

Is Toe Surgery Successful?

Procedures involving different foot conditions, such as long toes, bunions, and hammertoes, have a high success rate with very low chances of complications. 

How Long Does Toe Shortening Surgery Take?

Toe-shortening surgery can take up to three hours. However, note that it’s an outpatient procedure, which means you’ll be released from the clinic the same day.


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