Stretches for Bunion

Flex and Soothe: Best Stretches for Bunion Sufferers

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The bunion is a complex deformity – it can get progressively more painful over time, and at some point, you will realize that you need to implement some pain management strategies. One of the most efficient ways to soothe the pain is doing stretches for a bunion. What do they entail exactly? Find out in this text.

What Are Stretches for a Bunion?

Everyone who has a bunion deformity can tell you that this condition can be quite painful at times, and it doesn’t get better on its own. You will have to put serious effort into managing the pain – this includes doing exercises known as stretches for bunions. These exercises are simple, quick to do, and can be done whenever you have a bit of free time at home. Give them a shot – you may be surprised at how helpful they are. 

Stretches for Bunion

Why Are They Important for Bunion Pain Relief?

Stretches are one of the conservative methods for managing bunions. If you’re still not ready to consider bunion surgery, this is one of the best ways to keep your quality of life and not let the pain overwhelm you. Still, we must note that exercises can help you only for so long – if your deformity is severe, you will eventually need to have bunion surgery.

What Are the Best Stretches for Bunion Sufferers?

Exercises that we recommend can often be a part of physical therapy for those with bunions. These can slow down the progress of the bunion and help maintain mobility in the big toe joint. They can be done several times a day. We’ve talked about the best exercises down below. 

Toe Flexor Stretch 

Toe stretches are great for those with bunions or hammertoes. The exercise consists of two steps. First, stretch the toes and point them straight ahead for 5 seconds. Next up, curl them for 5 seconds. Repeat this process ten times. 

What Are the Best Stretches for Bunion Sufferers

Big Toe Pull Stretch

As for the big toe stretches, they are simple. Use your finger to pull the big toe into the correct alignment – the position you want the toe to return to. Keep it like that for 10 seconds and repeat the process four times.

Bunion Stretches With Tennis Balls and Other Equipment

The stretches with equipment can help improve the grip and strength of your toes. Start small – try to pick up marbles with your toes and place them in a bowl. You can also try exercising with a weak resistance band to improve your toe strength. Next up, the exercise with a tennis ball – put your foot on top of the ball and roll it around. This will rub your foot and remove the pressure and tension from the bunion. You can do the same exercise with a golf ball as well. 

Heel Raises

Heel raises are done while standing. Lift your heel off the floor and shift the weight onto the balls of your feet for a second, then let the heel fall back to the floor. Repeat this cycle for a minute. After a short break, repeat the entire process again for 30 seconds. You can do this exercise throughout the day – it’s a good exercise not just for bunions but for calves as well. 

Consult Your Foot Doctor in Miami About Different Stretches for Bunions

If you’re not exactly sure how to do bunion stretches or don’t know which exercises would suit you best, don’t hesitate to talk to a medical professional. Our podiatrists at Luxe Foot Surgery have plenty of knowledge on this topic – they will be able to answer all your questions. Contact us to book your appointment – let’s schedule your free first consultation.



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