Navigating Haglund's Deformity Surgery Recovery

Navigating Haglund’s Deformity Surgery Recovery

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Haglund’s deformity is a podiatric condition where a patient has a bony protrusion on the back of the heel. This is due to an enlargement of the calcaneal bone, but the problem can be easily treated with surgery. So, what can you expect from Haglund’s deformity surgery recovery? Will you have a hard time until the operated foot heals? Find all the answers in the following text.

Haglund’s deformity surgery recovery lasts about 6 weeks – after this period, you will be mostly healed. Patients experience pain and swelling in the first few weeks, and then they gradually subside. Physical therapy is introduced at about the 10-day mark when the stitches are removed. Foot mobility is regained after 3 weeks, and after 6 weeks, the patient can return to all their regular activities. 

What Should You Expect Immediately After the Procedure? 

Haglund deformity surgery is an outpatient procedure, which means that you will be able to go home the same day after it’s done. You must keep in mind that every surgery requires a certain recovery period, no matter how simple it is. Thankfully, this procedure is quite straightforward, with high success rates. So, you will need a couple of weeks to get back to your feet – metaphorically and literally. The recovery will go smoothly if you follow instructions from your foot doctor.

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What Will the Early Recovery Phase (Weeks 1-3) Look Like?

When the surgery is done, you will leave home with a cast or a surgical boot on your foot. You shouldn’t put weight on it just yet. There will be pain and swelling – these side effects are the most extensive in the first week, and then they start to decrease slowly. Your doctor will recommend placing ice packs and elevating the foot to help you feel more comfortable. 

What to Expect in Terms of Mobility?

The stitches will be removed after about 10 days. About this time, you will feel significantly better and will likely be able to start with physical therapy, which is a necessary part of the recovery process. Still, you’ll need crutches until the end of week 3. You will finally be able to put weight on the foot after the third week is over. At this point, foot mobility is almost fully recovered. 

What Happens in the Intermediate Recovery Phase (Weeks 4-6)

During this phase, the patient continues to improve the foot’s mobility. What’s left of swelling and pain will subside, and after 6 weeks, the patient feels brand new and recovered. Of course, there are some cases when pain can remain present for a bit longer, but this is rare and shouldn’t worry you. Physical therapy should be continued, as muscle-strengthening exercises are quite important. After the end of week 6, patients can even begin jogging – but carefully and after consulting with a doctor. 

Should You Start Wearing Regular Shoes?

Yes, you can get back to your regular shoes as soon as the swelling is gone. It’s worth noting, though, that most doctors recommend comfortable shoes such as sneakers in this post-operative period. It’s important to take it easy and don’t try to put yourself through much.

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How Does the Late Recovery Phase (Week 7 And Beyond) Look Like?

At this point, the inflammation should be gone, and you should be able to perform all the usual activities – running after surgery and even competitive sports (but not at a high-performance level). You will check in with your doctor at 3-month and 6-month marks so they can get the final review of the post-op recovery. 

Visit Your Doctor in Miami and Schedule Haglund’s Deformity Surgery 

As you can see, Haglund’s deformity surgery isn’t scary – the recovery is pretty straightforward and quick. The pros outweigh the cons by far, so why not reach out to our Luxe Foot Surgery clinic and schedule your procedure? Contact us to book your first appointment, and let our doctors help you!



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