Hard Corn in Bone Below Pinky Toe

Hard Corn in Bone Below Pinky Toe

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Hard corns are the worst kind of foot corns. They’re tough and painful, and it’s very strange how such a small thing can cause such big discomfort. And the worst case is if you get a hard corn in the bone below the pinky toe, so here is everything you need to know about it, so you can get rid of it easier. 

How Does Hard Corn on Pinky Toe Look Like?

A hard corn on a pinky toe is very easy to recognize. It looks like a well-formed, rounded mass of hardened skin that sits a bit elevated on the surface of your pinky toe. You can spot it by its beige or yellow color, and the center of the skin patch is bright white. A very common symptom of the hard corn on the pinky toe is redness around the corn. 

Because of irritation, the skin underneath the corn can get not only red but even black or brown in some cases. Hard corns on pinky toes are an ideal opportunity for infection to arise, so it’s important to keep an eye out for any symptoms of infection like burning or puss.

Can Home Remedies Help Remove Hard Corn in Bone Below Pinky Toe?

Home remedies have been very successful in treating various types of foot corn, but that doesn’t mean they will work 100% of the time. What works for someone else might not end up working for you, but you should give them a try as they are very simple and could make a big difference. 

Try Soaking Feet in Water and Filing Corn

One of the most efficient home remedies for foot corns is soaking your feet in lukewarm water for about 15 to 20 minutes. The bath will help loosen the skin on your feet, and the corn won’t be as hard anymore, which is when you start filing it down with a pumice sponge. Just don’t be too rough, or you could damage your skin.

Foot bath 
Soak your feet in warm water to soften the corn before filing

When Should You Seek Medical Help?

If you see that you’re not making any progress with the home remedies, it might be time to visit a doctor. And if you notice any signs of an infection, you should go consult with a doctor immediately.

Doctor examining a foot
Have a doctor examine your foot if you notice signs of an infection 

Schedule a Visit With Your Doctor in Miami and Get Rid of Hard Corn

A great thing about treating foot corns with minimally invasive surgery is that your corn will be gone very quickly, and for good. Home remedies take time to work, so if you want a faster and more efficient solution, contact us and book your appointment to get your corn removed at the Luxe Foot Surgery center. 


How Do You Get Rid of Hard Corns on Your Pinky Toe?

There are many ways you can get rid of hard corns on your pinky toes. Home remedies have shown excellent results in treating all kinds of foot corns over the years. However, they don’t guarantee that the corn will go away, as they don’t work out for everyone. The only sure way to permanently remove corns is to have minimally invasive surgery. 

How Do You Get Rid of a Corn Under Your Toe? 

The way you get rid of a corn under your toe is just like you would treat any other type of hard corn, in any other place on your foot. You can give home remedies a shot, and if that doesn’t work out, move on to a medical procedure. 

Do Corns Have a Hard Center?

There are two types of foot corns – soft and hard corns. Hard corns have a hard center, and you can easily recognize it because the center of the corn is a different color from the rest of it. The center is white, while the outer parts are yellow or beige. 

Why is the Bottom of My Pinky Toe Hard?

If the bottom of your pinky toe is hard and you’re wondering why that might be, you probably have a hard corn at the bottom of your pinky toe. Foot corns usually go by asymptomatic, so don’t be surprised you haven’t noticed it earlier. 

Can You Pull a Corn Out of Your Foot?

Yes, you could pull a corn out of your foot, but that doesn’t mean you should do it. Never pull a corn out of your foot unless it’s ready to be pulled out – if it’s already peeling away. If that’s not the case and you need your corn removed immediately, go to a doctor, and they will safely remove it. 

What is the Bump Under my Pinky Toe?

If you feel a bump under your pinky toe, it can be a number of different things. However, if the bump is hard and yellow with a white center, it’s safe to say it’s a hard corn. 


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