How Does a Podiatrist Remove a Plantar Wart

How Does a Podiatrist Remove a Plantar Wart

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Plantar warts can be quite difficult to get rid of, and home remedies usually don’t work, which is why you should always turn to a doctor and have them professionally removed. But how does a podiatrist remove a plantar wart? Here are all the treatment options available and everything you need to know about them, so you can choose the best treatment for your needs.

When to See a Podiatrist for Plantar Wart Removal

Plantar warts are not only uncomfortable and can cause a lot of foot pain and discomfort, but they are also contagious, as they are caused by the HPV virus. That’s why it’s so important to visit a doctor and remove them as soon as possible. You should see a podiatrist as soon as you experience any plantar wart symptoms, such as a rough skin growth similar to foot corns with dark speckles in the middle.

How Do You Get a Diagnosis? 

You should always have any skin condition checked out by a medical professional and get an accurate diagnosis. In the case the doctor suspects plantar warts, they will do a biopsy to confirm that a virus is present. If the doctor decides to do a biopsy, they will cut out a small part of the unhealthy tissue and send it to a lab to get tested for HPV. The results will come in a few days, and you will have a final diagnosis. 

How Does a Podiatrist Remove a Plantar Wart With Non-Invasive Methods

How Does a Podiatrist Remove a Plantar Wart With Non-Invasive Methods?

There are several completely non-invasive methods that can be used by a medical professional to remove a plantar wart. Here are the most popular treatment options you should consider. 

Salicylic Acid Treatment

If you decide on the salicylic acid treatment, the podiatrist will either prescribe you the salicylic acid and give you instructions on how to safely apply it on the wart at home with regular check-ups, or they will do it during each appointment. The salicylic acid causes the wart to slowly peel off. This method requires multiple appointments, and it may take weeks to complete.  

Cryotherapy Is Also Used

Cryotherapy, or the process of freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen, is very popular and highly effective. The doctor will first apply a local anesthetic to the region and then apply liquid nitrogen to the infected area. It may take a couple of treatments for the wart to fully disappear, but this method is painless and quick. 

Laser Therapy Can Be Sometimes a Good Option

Another highly effective method is laser therapy. It’s usually used as a last resort for stubborn, difficult-to-remove warts. The doctor will burn off and destroy the wart tissue with a laser, preventing it from recurring. A local anesthetic is used, and the treatment will be repeated every few weeks.

Laser Therapy Can Be Sometimes a Good Option

How Does a Podiatrist Remove a Plantar Wart With Surgical Removal Techniques

Surgical removal techniques for plantar warts are only used as a last resort, if all other treatment options, including home remedies and minimally invasive procedures, have failed to completely get rid of them. 

Curettage and Electrosurgery

In case you decide on surgical removal, the doctor will start by giving you a local anesthetic to fully numb the area. Then, the doctor will either perform electrosurgery and burn off the tissue with an electric current or perform curettage – remove the infected tissue with a curette (tool shaped like a spoon). There is a high risk of scarring. 

Schedule Your Surgery With a Surgeon in Miami and Get Rid of Plantar Warts

If you want to get the best treatment plan and effectively get rid of plantar warts, contact us and schedule an appointment at Luxe Foot Surgery. Feel free to ask our doctor any questions you may have before deciding on the best treatment option for you. 



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