How Long Does It Take To Heal From Bunion Surgery?

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Bunion surgery is performed to remove a bony bump that forms at the base of the toe joint or on the outside of the foot at the base of the pinky toe. But how long does it take to heal from bunion surgery? Fortunately, if you don’t encounter any complications, you will find yourself doing daily activities very soon after the operation.

Does Everybody Heal From the Surgery the Same Way?

No, not every patient heals in the same way. The stages of recovery for the operation are clearly outlined, and individuals need to follow specific guidelines. However, since every patient is different and doesn’t have the same level of foot deformity, the healing time will vary greatly.

What Factors Influence Healing Time

First and foremost, the severity of the deformity will impact the surgical procedure and the recovery time. Individuals with slight bony bums generally heal faster. 

Other factors include overall health, age, the surgical techniques that were used, and adherence to the doctor’s post-operative instructions. Individuals who undergo a minimally invasive bunion surgery have an easier time recovering. 

What Are the Signs of Delayed Healing or Complications

The signs of slow healing include:

Delayed healing or complications can happen with any type of foot surgery, but they are very rare. If the doctor suspects complications, proper treatment will be provided.

How Long Does It Take To Heal From Bunion Surgery if Everything Goes Without Complications?

Returning to regular activities and having no issues with weight bearing usually occurs after six to 10 weeks post-op if everything goes without complications. However, to be fully healed and start living without any pain or swelling will take up to four months. In case of delayed healing, to recover completely usually takes six months.

What Should You Do in Immediate Post-Surgery Period

It’s essential to follow all the instructions given by your doctor. Just like you had to follow a protocol leading up to the operation, the same will be required of you once you exit the operating room. Each person has different needs and requirements, and a unique approach to each case is needed. One thing is for sure – there will be no walking after the operation.

What to Expect the First Week After Bunion Surgery?

The most difficult part of the journey towards walking pain-free once again is the first week after the procedure. The patient usually experiences pain and soreness once the anesthesia wears off. There will be no weight-bearing, and the patient needs to elevate and relax the foot while icing for about 15 minutes every hour.

What Are You Going to Feel Second Week and Beyond?

During the second week, the pain and swelling should subside. The soreness and some discomfort might persist during movement. Patients can start using their walkers or crutches and start with a bit of physical activity and easy exercises to regain stability and strength. As the weeks progress, range of motion, mobility, and strength should increase gradually until full healing.

Consult Your Doctor in Miami About the Whole Healing Process

Accurate information about the trajectory of the recovery after the procedure can be provided by our doctor in Miami. In case there are any inconsistencies or doubts about the healing process, make sure to visit the clinic Foot Luxe Surgery. We recommend that you contact us even before your procedure to get the right diagnosis and explanation of all aspects of the whole procedure.



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