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How Long Does It Take to Treat Flat Feet Surgery?

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Flatfeet are a common condition many individuals have as a result of their genetics, injury, or prolonged standing. If a person doesn’t opt for non-surgical remedies on time, the only solution is to undergo flat feet surgery. But how long does it take to treat flat feet with surgery? Since there is an option to choose a minimally invasive surgery, it doesn’t take a long time to fix the agonizing problem. In our blog, you’ll find all the necessary information about the procedure.

How Long Does It Take to Treat Flat Feet – Surgery Timetable You Should Know About

How long it will take for your flat feet to be treated depends on where you book your appointment and what type of treatment you undergo. Luxe Foot Surgery specializes in minimally invasive surgeries. Unlike bunion surgery or even hammertoe surgery, the flatfeet procedure actually doesn’t involve any incisions or cutting of the skin. This makes it completely different from other reconstructive surgeries, such as lateral column lengthening and calcaneal osteotomy.

What Does the Procedure Involve?

At the first examination, the surgeon will determine the severity of the deformity and what type of cast the patient will be required to wear. Then, a cast will be prepared and placed on the patient’s foot, which they need to wear for the next six weeks. When the cast gets taken off, the majority of patients recover in just a few days. It’s essential to underline that there are risks and complications involved, just like with any procedure, but they are not very common.

What Types of Flat Foot Reconstruction Surgery Are There?

Apart from the effective yet minimally invasive flat feet procedure, there are six other types of flat feet surgery. These procedures are – lateral column lengthening, tendon transfer, calcaneal osteotomy, tendon and ligament procedures, flat foot fusion, and dorsal opening wedge osteotomy.


There are two types of osteotomies that are performed on patients with flat feet issues. The first technique is called a calcaneal osteotomy. It entails the cutting of the calcaneal (heel bone). After this, it gets shifted outwards or inwards. The procedure needs to be done when the foot alignment is jeopardized by the shifting of the heel bone. The heel in question is held in position by screws and metal plates.

The other procedure is called dorsal opening wedge osteotomy. During this procedure, the surgeon places a bone wedge in the top part of the medial cuneiform bone. The bone wedge is supposed to push the bone downward.

Tendon Transfer

A tendon transfer is performed on adults with posterior tibial tendon dysfunction and flat feet. With one long incision, the surgeon cuts out the posterior tibial tendon that is diseased and replaces it with the flexor digitorum longus tendon found in the patient’s leg. It can be performed in combination with an osteotomy to completely fix the issue of flat feet.


Fusion foot surgery (double or triple arthrodesis) involves the joining of the bones in the foot that are separated. The procedure is sometimes necessary for patients that have injuries that have flat feet or haven’t healed properly. It is used as a last resort for patients that have a debilitating problem. It can reduce pain and improve stability.

Ligament Repair

Foot reconstruction surgery sometimes entails the repair of tendons and ligaments. In many cases, the ligaments can easily get damaged or torn. This needs to be repaired by a surgeon in order to support the arch and restore the stability and mobility of the foot. The recovery period for this type of procedure lasts 6 weeks.

Ligament Repair

Consult With Your Surgeon and Ask Everything You Want to Know About the Surgery

Before you determine that flat feet surgery is the right option, it’s best to first consult with a surgeon and inquire about all the details surrounding your issue. Every patient is different, so a doctor needs to decide the best remedy for your particular case. Luxe Foot Surgery is open for any type of inquiries on weekdays from 9 AM to 6 PM. Contact us so you can make an informed decision.


Is Flat Feet Surgery Worth It?

Flatfeet is an effective solution that can provide patients with a better quality of life and reduce or completely eradicate foot pain.

Is Flat Feet Surgery a Major Surgery?

Patients can undergo different flat feet surgeries, with the type varying on the type of deformity. Minimally invasive procedures are not major surgeries and are very low risk. However, osteotomies, tendon transfers, fusion, and ligament repair are a bit more serious surgeries.


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