How Much Is Bunion Surgery for Both Feet

How Much Is Bunion Surgery for Both Feet?

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When we consider any kind of surgery, the cost is usually one of the primary concerns. Although health should always come first, it’s reasonable to wonder how much bunionectomy will set you back financially. How much is bunion surgery for both feet? If you’re curious to find out the answer, you should check out this article. We’ve explained everything about bunion removal prices and the additional costs of the surgery.

What Is the Cost of Bunion Surgery?

The cost of bunion surgery depends on many factors. First, we have to take into account the severity of the patient’s case and the type of bunion surgery that they need. Apart from the patient factors, there are a few surgeon-related things to consider – for example, how experienced your doctor is and how well-respected they are in their area of expertise. Additionally, even the location where you undergo the procedure has some effect on the price – it can vary from state to state and even from city to city. 

If we talk about the cost in the entire US, the number can go from $3,500 to $12,000. Of course, the highest prices are for extremely complicated surgeries. Most bunionectomy surgeries are around $5,560. This doesn’t mean that all this money will have to come directly from your budget – if you have good insurance, the procedure may be partially or fully covered. This is something you need to check with your insurance provider, as it can vary depending on your policy. 

What Is Included in the Price?

If you’re about to have a minimally invasive procedure, you don’t have to worry about the hospital stay and the costs that come with it. Minimally invasive procedures are the most common nowadays, so this works in your favor. You will be informed about the cost of the surgery upfront, and that’s pretty much all you have to think about. 

Are There Some Additional Costs to Consider?

You may face some additional costs related to bunion surgery in cases where something goes wrong during the procedure or there are some problems after surgery. Of course, it’s best to mention post-op foot care that is necessary in some cases and additional visits to the doctor. If your bunion surgery is unsuccessful, you will most likely need a revision procedure to fully fix the deformity. 

How Much Is Bunion Surgery for Both Feet? 

Knowing the price for bunionectomy on one foot, it’s simple to calculate the price for bilateral bunion surgery. Performing surgery on both feet at once is often convenient for patients, but it isn’t always recommended. Some doctors advise a gap of a few weeks between two procedures – usually about six to eight weeks. 

How Can You Save up on Surgery?

If you think that your budget can’t take the hit, you might be reluctant to schedule your procedure. However, health comes above everything, which is why some clinics, including our Luxe Foot Surgery clinic, offer various discounts for their patients. 

Does the Insurance Cover the Procedure?

Whether your insurance policy will cover bunion surgery or not depends on how medically necessary it is. If it’s done purely for aesthetic reasons, the insurance company won’t cover the cost. In cases when it’s medically essential for the patient to have this procedure, insurance will probably cover at least part of it – this depends on the policy you have. This is why it’s always best to talk to your insurance provider, so you’re fully informed on what you can expect, cost-wise. 

Talk to Your Surgeon in Miami About the Prices of the Surgery

Before you start worrying about the cost of this medical procedure, you should talk to your doctor. After carefully examining your foot and taking everything about your overall health into account, they will be able to inform you about the kind of surgery you need and how much it will cost. If you want to book an appointment today, reach out to our Luxe Foot Surgery clinic – we would be happy to help you. Contact us to book your free consultation by calling our office or filling out an inquiry form on our website. 


Are Bunion Surgeries Worth It?

Yes, bunion surgeries are well worth the trouble and recovery time they come with. Nowadays, the vast majority of bunionectomy surgeries are done with minimally invasive techniques. This means quicker recovery compared to traditional procedures and way less pain and discomfort. When we add an extremely high success rate of 95%, it’s clear that the pros outweigh the cons when deciding whether to have bunion surgery or not.

Can I Have Bunion Surgery on Both Feet at the Same Time?

It is possible to have bunion surgery on both feet simultaneously – this is called a bilateral bunionectomy. Patients find this convenient since they don’t have to come to the doctor’s office twice, but in some cases, surgeons don’t recommend this. In certain situations, your doctor may advise you to come in for the second procedure after you recover from the first one – that is, at least six to eight weeks later. 

What Happens After Bunion Surgery on Both Feet?

After bilateral bunionectomy, you will have to go through a recovery period. If you had a minimally invasive procedure, recovery would last from six weeks to three months, depending on the severity of your bunions. During this time, you will probably experience some level of pain, swelling, stiffness, or numbness. Any type of discomfort should go away once the recovery time passes. 

How Much Does It Cost to Correct a Bunion?

The procedure to remove a bunion deformity in the US can cost anywhere between $3,500 to $12,000. The price depends on many factors, such as the severity of your case and how much insurance will cover. On average, the cost is about $5,560. Some clinics and hospitals may offer discounts of up to 35% to uninsured patients or those who pay with cash.


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