How to Make Your Toes Shorter

How to Make Your Toes Shorter?

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Patients who have Morton’s toe or a Hitcher’s toe are typically interested in procedures that would shorten their toes. Fortunately, if you are asking yourself how to make your toes shorter, the answer is simply – toe shortening surgery. It is commonly performed on the second toe by removing a small portion of the bone. The realization that the embarrassment or discomfort of having long toes can be solved leaves the patients truly satisfied with the results.

What Is Toe Shortening Procedure?

The toe shortening procedure is performed for the purpose of reducing the length of one or more toes and solving a patient’s foot deformity. It can be done for cosmetic reasons or to alleviate the symptoms caused by Morton’s toe.

Surgeons make a small incision and remove a small part of the toe’s bone during the procedure. The patients are put under local anesthesia, and the duration of the surgery depends on how much bone needs to be removed. It typically takes an hour to complete, although in some cases, it lasts even three hours.

In case the foot deformity caused additional issues such as seed corns, heloma molle, and warts on the bottom of the feet, the specialist would opt to do additional procedures to restore the health of the patient’s foot.

How to Know You Are a Good Candidate for the Procedure?

Before opting for the procedure, one must evaluate whether the procedure is the right choice. The candidate for the toe shortening procedure is anyone who is dissatisfied with the appearance of their toes and individuals who are experiencing pain and discomfort due to Morton’s toe. 

The safety of the procedure and the rapid recovery ensures that the issues will be addressed and dealt with appropriately. Therefore, if you want better-looking feet and to walk pain-free, consider calling your podiatrist.

Barefooted people standing
There aren’t any significant contraindications that would worry potential candidates

What Conditions Can Toe Shortening Help You With?

Although it may seem like toe shortening is a cosmetic procedure, it can provide significant relief for conditions such as claw toe, mallet toe, hammertoe, and Morton’s toe. Furthermore, the procedure can correct abnormalities in the shape of the patient’s foot, thus improving the overall foot function. 

However, it should be emphasized that foot care is still necessary after undergoing the procedure. Maintaining good foot hygiene and wearing proper footwear can help prevent any future irritation and issues.

How Do Doctors Treat Long Toe Condition?

Before considering that the surgery would be the best option, doctors might suggest shoe modification, toe pads, cushions, exercises, or orthotics. When all treatment options prove to be futile, the next step is to consider surgery.

During the toe shortening procedure, the patient is put under general or local anesthesia so as to eliminate the possibility of feeling any pain. Next, the incision is made at the base of the long toe, and the bone is exposed. A portion of the bone is removed, and the length is reduced. After this, the incision is closed with staples and sutures.

In some cases, bone fusion is performed, which involves small toe joint removal and fusion of the two ends of the patient’s bone. 

How Long Does the Recovery Last?

This surgery is minimally invasive, and the recovery is very quick. Even though patients should rest and avoid walking right after the procedure, after six weeks, patients should be able to return to regular daily activities. If the case is more severe and the recovery time needs to be longer, the patient might need at least three months to heal fully.

Is the Procedure Covered By the Insurance?

Toe shortening cost is not considered to be high since the procedure is done to improve the appearance of the patient’s foot. As a result, the procedure is typically not covered by insurance. However, some patients need the procedure to prevent claw toes and hammertoes from forming and alleviate nagging symptoms such as swelling, pain, and inflammation. In this case, some insurance providers would cover a part of the cost.

Discuss with Your Doctor in Miami How to Make Your Toes Shorter

Have you experienced pain and discomfort due to your long toes? Are you worried that you might develop hammertoe, bunions, and claw toe as a result of the condition? All of your fear can be put to rest by our doctor in Miami at Luxe Foot Surgery center. During an appointment, you can discuss a treatment plan and whether you’d benefit from surgery the most.

From toe shortening to toe extension surgery, we fix all foot deformities successfully. Contact us right away and get on the right track when it comes to foot care. We’ll be waiting for your call.


How Can I Make My Big Toe Shorter?

There are ways to improve the look of your big toe. Wearing shoes with a wider toe box provides more room and reduces pressure on the toes. To help alleviate discomfort, toe pads or cushions can be inserted into the shoes. If your big toe is causing you pain or impeding your ability to walk, your doctor may advise you to have surgery to shorten the toe by removing a portion of the bone.

Can You Have Your Toes Made Smaller?

Yes, it is possible to have your toes made smaller through a surgical procedure called toe shortening or toe-reduction surgery. This surgery is typically done for medical reasons such as correcting abnormalities in the shape of the foot, relieving pain or discomfort, or improving foot function.

Can My Big Toe Be Shortened?

Big toes can be shortened through the toe shortening procedure. There is also second toe shortening surgery you can undergo. It is an effective and safe procedure that doesn’t indicate a long recovery period.

Can You Shorten Morton’s Toe?

Morton’s toe is a condition when a person’s second toe is longer than the big toe. It can be shortened by using toe shortening surgery. If you think that you would benefit from the procedure, schedule an appointment with a podiatrist. You can book an appointment for toe shortening surgery in Chicago and Miami.


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