How to Prepare for Bunion Surgery

How to Prepare for Bunion Surgery

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Are you currently wondering how to prepare for bunion surgery and don’t know what to expect from this process? There is no reason to panic – most patients have minimally invasive bunion surgery done, so it is not hard to prepare for it. In general, you want to take care of general health and learn what kind of risks this surgery brings so that you know how to avoid potential complications. 

Step One Is to Find Out What to Expect

Bunions are known as big toe deformities that cause severe pain and problems in everyday activities such as walking and running. It can stop you from wearing your favorite shoes and lead to even bigger complications if left untreated. This is why many people decide to have bunion surgery and fix this deformity. This can eventually bring you a much better quality of life, so this surgery is totally worth it – after all, the preparation and recovery process is not that complicated as well.

The surgery itself usually lasts less than an hour (it can take up to 3 hours in most severe cases, which are rare), and you’ll be able to leave the hospital on the very same day. For about two weeks after the surgery, patients should avoid walking and wear medical shoes. After this period, you can slowly start participating in some regular activities while still keeping pressure off your foot until you fully recover. 

Gather All the Medical Supplies

Considering the fact that you won’t be able to walk or drive on your own immediately after the surgery, it is recommended that you buy all the necessary medical supplies in advance. This means you want to have a list of needed supplies in advance. You can find out information about these supplies from your doctor before the surgery and avoid having any issues after the surgery is done.

For example, you will probably need to gather some painkillers to deal with potential pain you may experience during the recovery process. You should also buy medical shoes. In case of any complications during the recovery, the doctor will prescribe you antibiotics (this is necessary in case of infection).

Apart from this, you should have vitamins and other supplies and medicines you regularly have. Go to your doctor before the bunion surgery and let them know that because of the surgery, you won’t be able to go out and take your prescribed therapy for about a month, so they can give you a prescription for a month in advance if necessary. 

Create a Recovery Zone In Your Home

You’ll be recovering from the surgery at your home, so you want to ensure it is well prepared for this process. You want to have a pillow where you can hold your foot in an upright position during the healing process. You also maybe want someone to come over and assist you with daily chores if you live alone (at least for the first period).

Ensure There Is a Clear Path in Your Home

If you have stairs in your home and can’t climb them on your own frequently, you want to ensure you have everything you need on one floor – for at least the first week of recovery. In order to avoid possible complications, it is recommended that you don’t put too much pressure on the operated foot for the first two weeks.

Finish up All the Shopping for Food Beforehand

grocery shopping

You also want to think about the food in advance. Maybe grocery shopping is your favorite daily activity, and you always want to have fresh vegetables in your kitchen, but this will not be an ideal period for that. Sure, you should eat as healthy as possible, which is why it is not recommended that you order pizza every day, but to stock up on healthy groceries. To keep your groceries in good condition for at least two weeks after you buy them, it is recommended that you put them in the freezer. 

Make Sure You Have a Good Support Network 

People around you should know that you’re going through the recovery process and that you need their support during this period. For example, they might need to help you around the house, as we already mentioned, drive you to the doctor if necessary, or simply bring some supplies you can’t buy on your own. This shouldn’t be very complicated to organize and is only needed for a short period of time.

Consult With Your Miami Doctor About How to Prepare for Bunion Surgery

If you’re not sure about the recovery process and how to prepare for this surgery, the best thing you can do for yourself is to book a Luxe Foot Surgery clinic in Miami. Just contact us to schedule a free consultation, and our experienced doctors will help you understand the whole process and let you know how to prepare for it.


How Long Does It Take to Walk After a Bunion Surgery?

Approximately two weeks is needed to slowly start getting back on your feet after successful bunion surgery. After six weeks post-surgery, you should be able to get back to your regular activities.

What Do You Wear to Bunion Surgery?

During the first two weeks after the surgery, you should wear special medical shoes, which will help you put pressure on your foot and heal properly. Once you remove the stitches and medical shoes, it is recommended that you continue wearing comfortable shoes that won’t harm your healing process.

How Many Hours Does Bunion Surgery Take?

In most cases, minimally invasive bunion surgery takes less than one hour. In some more severe cases, this surgery can take about 3 hours.

How Painful Are Bunion Surgeries?

Bunion surgery itself isn’t painful at all because you’ll get the anesthetic that will completely numb your pain. You might experience some pain during the first couple of days after the surgery. Your doctor will prescribe you some painkillers you can take during this period.


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