How to Reduce Swelling After Bunion Surgery

How to Reduce Swelling After Bunion Surgery

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Following foot or ankle surgery, all feet swell. After bunion surgery, the swelling often takes six months to go down completely. This is why many wonder how to reduce swelling after bunion surgery. The best method of decreasing swelling is to start moving your toes and ankles as soon as it is safe to do it. You should also keep your foot in an elevated position and follow other recovery instructions.

Why Is It Important to Decrease Swelling After Surgery?

An excessive amount of inflammation and swelling can hinder healing, increase pain while recovering, and make it harder to move. You’ll recover more quickly and regain full mobility if you know how to lessen swelling following foot surgery.

How to Reduce Swelling After Bunion Surgery

Now that you know that reducing swelling can be beneficial for your recovery process, it is important to learn what you should and shouldn’t do in order to minimize the swelling of your wounded foot.

Get Plenty of Rest

Getting enough sleep and rest is essential for any recovery – not only for foot surgery. Besides sleeping and lying down as much as you can, it is important to put pressure off your feet when you walk, at least for the first two weeks.

Keep Foot Elevated 

Another essential thing to do if you notice that your foot is swelling is to keep it in an elevated position whenever you sit or lay down. You can put it on a pillow or a chair – as long as it isn’t down on the floor, this position will help you reduce swelling.

Apply an Ice Pack

To minimize swelling, apply an ice pack three to four times each day. To avoid causing skin injury, wait at least one hour between applications of cold therapy. For your feet and ankles, stay away from applying heat therapy because it can worsen inflammation.

Don’t Resume Intense Exercise 

Many people make this mistake by not following the doctors’ instructions regarding the recovery process. If you get back to an intense workout routine as soon as you get the bunion surgery done, you will probably cause some complications. Swelling is only one of them.

Gently Do Ankle Pumps

Exercises like ankle pumping make use of the calf muscle pump, which contracts the muscles to pump blood. Ankle pumping is frequently used to treat edema and prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which is linked to extended periods of bed rest. This is why it is important to pump both of your ankles simultaneously and make an effort to stretch your leg muscles.

Use Compression Socks

Your lower legs will experience pressure from compression stockings, which will help to preserve blood flow, lessen pain, and minimize swelling. If you have a health condition that causes bad blood flow in your legs, your doctor might prescribe them for you.

Use Compression Socks After Bunion Surgery

Consult With Your Surgeon in Miami After the Operation

If you recently had bunion surgery and worry about swelling and other possible complications, you should definitely consult with your surgeon about it. They will examine you and give you the best advice about your current condition. It is also essential to consult with the surgeon prior to surgery. This is why we encourage all our clients to come to the Foot Luxe Surgery clinic and book a free consultation. Just contact us to schedule an appointment, and we’ll give you all the necessary information. 


How Long Does the Swelling Last After Bunion Surgery?

After surgery, the swelling often takes six months to go down completely. During the first two weeks following surgery, elevating the foot only while moving the toes, ankle, and the knee is the greatest way to reduce swelling. 

Why Is My Foot Still Swollen 6 Weeks After Bunion Surgery?

Many months have already passed, but your bones are still healing. This is what might cause swelling even six months after bunion surgery. It’s crucial for you not to disregard the swelling and try to boost your activity level too rapidly because it is a symptom of continued bone repair. It’s a good idea to “listen to the foot” and give it enough time to heal properly.


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