How to Relieve Bunion Pain When Walking

How to Relieve Bunion Pain When Walking

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Relieving some of the nagging symptoms of bunions can be done using some inexpensive remedies. Learn how to relieve bunion pain when walking and stop the development of symptoms such as inflammation and swelling. We’ll provide you with expert advice and valuable insights, so say goodbye to discomfort and start walking with ease again!

Choosing Proper Footwear for Bunion Relief in One Option

Changing footwear can make a difference since shoes can cause bunions. The discomfort and pain can go away instantly when you wear shoes with a wider toe box. Make sure the shoes have a rounded or square toe design to help distribute the weight evenly.

Sometimes wearing sandals for bunions in warmer weather will do the trick. On top of this, bear in mind that the best shoes for bunions are made from stretchable and soft materials.

Avoiding High Heels and Narrow Shoes

High heels, ill-fitting, and narrow shoes are your enemies. This kind of footwear can only exacerbate the problem, and you will end up with a red, inflamed, and swollen bunion. Also, high heels and narrow shoes can be instrumental in the progression of the deformity, causing the patient to undergo bunion surgery.

Utilize Orthotic Inserts or Custom Orthotics

Another option for pain relief is orthotic inserts. You can either get over-the-counter inserts or invest in custom orthotics. The former are less successful at eliminating pain since they are not designed for a specific person, so custom orthotics are a better option.

Utilize Orthotic Inserts or Custom Orthotics

You Can Also Apply Padding and Cushioning

Padding and cushioning effectively reduce pain since the soft and protective materials create a barrier between your shoe and the bunion, eliminating discomfort and irritation. Incorporating them into your daily routine can create a better environment for your feet. 

Use of Gel Pads or Moleskin

Gel pads provide excellent shock absorption properties and cushioning. They are made from flexible and soft silicone, thus minimizing the friction between the shoe and the bunion. The gel material is helpful since it molds itself to the shape of your foot. 

The second option is moleskin – a customizable adhesive and durable cotton fabric. They are designed as a protective barrier providing a person with instant relief.  Both can be bought online or at drugstores.

Toe Spacers and Bunion Sleeves Are Also a Good Solution

An alternative to the aforementioned are toe spacers and bunion sleeves. Toe spacers are devices that can fit between toes and realign them. The toes won’t overlap anymore, taking the pressure off the big toe.

You can also try out bunion sleeves – specialized cushions protecting the bunion area and providing gentle support and compression. This compression will help with inflammation and swelling. Both toe spacers and bunion sleeves will help you improve mobility and comfort.

Toe Spacers and Bunion Sleeves Are Also a Good Solution

Stretching and Strengthening Exercises Can Help With the Pain

Stretching and strengthening exercises are effective at stopping the pain as well as stopping the early symptoms of bunions from progressing. With treatment and regular exercise, you will walk confidently again. Here are some exercises if you are dealing with a painful bunion:

  • Toe circles,
  • Toe points and curls,
  • Toe spread-outs,
  • Marble pickup,
  • Barefoot walking on the beach,
  • Ball roll,
  • Heel rise.

Consider Ice and Heat Therapy

Numbing the pain is possible with an ice pack wrapped in a cloth. The inflammation will be reduced since the coldness restricts the blood vessels. But, if you want to promote blood circulation and relax the muscle, apply a warm compress or a heating pad. This will ease the discomfort immediately.

Consider Ice and Heat Therapy

Ask Your Doctor in Miami How to Relieve Bunion Pain When Walking

If the pain is stubborn and you can’t manage it with anything that provides temporary relief, the next step is to talk to a doctor. The specialists in Miami can help you walk with confidence again. The right place to turn to is Luxe Foot Surgery. Our team in Miami will schedule an appointment with a doctor as soon as you contact us. Don’t prolong your misery, reach out to us now!



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