How to Treat a Painful Bunion

How to Treat a Painful Bunion?

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A bunion is a common foot deformity – it’s a bony protrusion on the inside of your foot, at the base of the big toe, and it often causes plenty of pain. So, how to treat a painful bunion? The options are numerous, and we’ve explained it all in the text below

How to Treat a Painful Bunion With Non-Surgical Options?

Even though bunion surgery is the best way to get rid of this problem permanently, it’s not always the first treatment option that your doctor will recommend. Some cases of bunions are mild and can be managed with conservative therapy. There are a few methods that may help you reduce the pain caused by a bunion. 

How to Treat a Painful Bunion With Non-Surgical Options

Proper Shoes and Protective Padding

A drastic change in your footwear can relieve a lot of your symptoms. For those with bunions, it’s recommended to wear comfortable shoes with wide toe boxes that will take the pressure off your toes. Avoid high heels at any cost. Protective padding can help as well – there are many over-the-counter bunion pads available for cushioning the area where the bunion is located. 

Get Orthotic Devices

Orthotic devices are shoe inserts that help with foot problems – when it comes to feet with bunions, orthotics are used to provide proper foot alignment and avoid pronation (which contributes to the progression of a bunion deformity). There are custom-made and over-the-counter options available. You can also use spacers for the big and the second toe or place a splint overnight for pain relief. 

How to Treat a Painful Bunion With Home Remedies?

What else can you do for pain management at home? One of the crucial things is taking pain medication – we’re talking about over-the-counter medication, usually NSAIDs. Other things that may help are warm socks and ice packs. Don’t underestimate the power of a good massage and foot exercise – or, if your foot doctor recommends it, regular physical therapy

How to Treat a Painful Bunion With Home Remedies

When to Seek Medical Help?

If you have a bunion, it’s best to seek professional help regardless of the severity of your symptoms. Bunions may not be so problematic in the beginning, but they tend to progress and gradually cause more and more pain and discomfort. Don’t wait until the pain becomes unbearable – reach out to your foot doctor as soon as possible. A skilled medical professional will be able to provide guidance for at-home treatment methods and determine if you’re in need of bunion surgery

Schedule a Visit With Your Doctor in Miami and Get Rid of Painful Bunions

Deciding to go through bunion surgery is a huge step – it’s important to be prepared for the procedure and learn all about the recovery process afterward. The best way to do that is by talking to a reliable podiatrist in Miami who can answer all your questions regarding this minimally invasive podiatric procedure. 

Luxe Foot Surgery clinic is the perfect place for that – we have an excellent team of doctors who are ready to help you and provide the best treatment possible. Contact us to book your free first consultation, or fill out an inquiry form on our website, and we’ll get back to you with an appointment. 


How Can I Alleviate Bunion Pain Without Surgery?

There are many conservative methods that can be used for relieving bunion pain. These include wearing proper shoes, protective pads, and orthotics. You can also use over-the-counter pain medications, wear warm socks, or use ice packs to reduce the pain. 

What Type of Footwear Should I Wear to Reduce Bunion Pain?

If you have bunions, it’s important to pick footwear that has wide toe boxes so your bunions aren’t under a lot of pressure when you walk. 

How Do Orthotic Devices Help in Treating Painful Bunions?

Orthotics provide adequate foot alignment and help avoid pronation, which can contribute to the formation of bunions. 



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