Plantar Wart on Toe Painful Causes and Relief

Is Plantar Wart on Toe Painful? How to Cope With the Pain

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Plantar warts are skin growths caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) that can develop on the toes or soles of the feet. About 10% of people develop plantar warts. But is plantar wart on toe painful or just uncomfortable? The condition can cause varying degrees of discomfort, and pain can be substantial, so many people opt for plantar wart removal. However, there are effective mechanisms that help with all symptoms.

Can a Plantar Wart on the Toe Be Painful?

Plantar warts on toes can be very painful. The pain primarily occurs while a person stands or walks since a lot of pressure gets exerted on the skin growth. The skin on the sole of toes is thicker, which will increase tenderness and sensitivity. The pain can be sharp or mild, depending on the wart’s depth and size. 

How to Identify Painful Plantar Warts on Toes

The symptoms of plantar wart on the toes are:

  • Thickened skin on the bottom of the toes,
  • Small black dots that form on the toes are dried blood,
  • Occurrence of skin-colored or white lesions,
  • Warts shouldn’t be confused with corns, since corns are flaky and raised.

If these symptoms mix with pain and redness, you most likely have a plantar wart and should get your feet examined by a doctor.

How to Identify Painful Plantar Warts on Toes

What Are Self-Care Strategies When Coping With Pain?

If the condition doesn’t resolve by itself, the patient should try self-care strategies and treatment to speed up the healing process. One of the most effective treatments includes salicylic acid and liquid nitrogen, which will burn the growth off. Additionally, bandages and moleskins are great for covering skin growth and protecting it from pressure and friction while walking.

Make Sure You Have Excellent Foot Care

Foot care is critical for the healing process and preventing infection. The affected foot should be washed with water and mild soap and dried with a clean towel. Clean the toes and spots between them. After washing your feet, wear clean wool or cotton socks.

Use Proper Shoes and Protective Padding

Well-fitted comfortable shoes are needed when dealing with this condition. The model should fit you perfectly. Comfortable shoes will reduce irritation and pain and prevent unnecessary friction. Avoid point and high-heel shoes. The chosen footwear should have great arch support and shock absorption soles, which are very helpful for people with flat feet.

Use Proper Shoes and Protective Padding

Consider Home Remedies for Pain Relief

Use aloe vera gel and over-the-counter medicated pads for instant pain relief. Medicated pads containing salicylic acid can be used directly on the wart and aid in the breakdown of the tissue, making its removal easier. Also, you can opt for duct tape therapy at home. The tape will suffocate the wart and weaken it. The area should always be clean before applying the tape.

Schedule a Visit With Your Doctor in Miami and Remove Painful Warts

If self-care strategies are not working, a surgeon in Miami will be able to remove the wart. Schedule an appointment at the Luxe Foot Surgery clinic and have all your questions answered. Visit our website to learn more about the procedure for removing painful warts, and contact us right away.


Can I Prevent Painful Plantar Warts on My Toes From Developing?

The best way to prevent warts is to keep your feet clean and dry. Don’t walk barefoot in gym showers, swimming pools, and locker rooms. Also, if you already have a wart, wash your hands after applying anything over it.

Is Self-Treatment Safe For Painful Plantar Warts on Toes?

Self-treatment is generally safe. However, warts are usually stubborn and cannot be dealt with quickly. If pain appears, a podiatry specialist should be consulted.



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