Laser Bunion Surgery Cost

Laser Bunion Surgery Cost

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How much does laser bunion surgery cost? If this was a common practice, the price would be dependent on the clinic and the complicity of the surgery. On the other hand, this method is not always a suitable choice, especially if you don’t need bone cutting but only for bunions to be fixed. This is why all patients with bunions considering surgery and potential options should consult a doctor before making any final decisions. It is also important to consider if your insurance policy is covering the surgery expenses. 

What Is Laser Bunion Surgery?

Laser surgery is one of the most innovative techniques in medicine. It was first implemented back in 1963, and today, with modern technology flourishing, this technique is used for various surgeries. This is why many people with bunion issues started wondering if the laser removal method could be used for their problem as well.

A laser is a powerful device that can be used for different purposes. It works by narrowing the focus of high-intensity light, which leaves the possibility for ultra-precise cutting of any targeted area. The heat that the laser produces coagulates the tissue, which leads to less bleeding. This is the ultimate advantage over other conventional methods. Still, the laser removal method is the best option for soft tissue. This is why the benefit of this technique for bunion surgery is sort of limited. 

For starters, it is important that you understand that bunions are fixed, not removed. This is another potential issue. Lasers are mostly used for removal, which isn’t always needed with bunions. Often, it is enough to realign the existing bones in a proper position, and the bunion will be fixed – there is no need for bone removal.  

When Is Bunion Removal Surgery Usually Recommended?

Bunion surgery is usually recommended when you experience different issues, and bunion deformity is causing you problems in normal everyday functioning. For example, patients who need surgery will experience severe foot pain while wearing even flat and comfortable shoes and walking. Surgery is also needed in cases when chronic big toe inflammation and swelling can’t be relieved by the usage of regular medicine.

Sometimes, the pain and swelling aren’t the only problems. Some patients have this surgery done for cosmetic reasons. In those cases, it is also recommended to discuss with a doctor before deciding if this surgery is really necessary.

How Much Does Laser Bunion Surgery Cost?

Considering the fact that this type of surgery isn’t an ideal option for patients with bunions, it is better that you check other options and potential prices for minimally invasive bunion surgery. This is currently one of the painless procedures with the fastest recovery, so there is nothing to worry about. Again, depending on many factors such as clinic prices, type of surgery, anesthesia, medicines needed for recovery, hospital expenses, medical shoes, and so on, the price of the surgery can vary from $1,500 to $5,000 plus additional expenses. 

What Is Included in This Price? 

It is recommended that you check what’s included in the offered price once you decide to schedule surgery. You also want to check if your insurance policy covers these expenses. For example, bunion surgery is really necessary because a painful bunion causes you difficulties in everyday activities. If the insurance covers your expenses, these are, in most cases, just surgery expenses. 

You still want to check if this also covers anesthesia expenses and recovery costs. For example, physical therapy after the surgery is usually not included in the surgery price. You’ll also have additional expenses in case of any complication during recovery – for additional checkups, medicines, and so on. You might also need to buy special medical shoes and some new sneakers you can wear after the surgery. 

Consult Your Doctor in Miami About the Prices

As we already explained, minimally invasive surgery or bunion laser surgery cost can vary depending on different factors. This is why it is highly recommended that you book yourself a consultation with a doctor at Luxe Foot Surgery clinic and consult with professionals about potential prices. Make sure to ask them about costs that can come up if the insurance doesn’t cover your surgery expenses or additional expenses that might come up after the surgery. Contact us to book an appointment at any time – the first consultation is completely free. 


Can Bunion Surgery Be Done With Laser?

Technically speaking, this is possible but not recommended. This mostly depends on the type of surgery you need and what you are trying to achieve using a laser. The laser cutting method is recommended for soft issues. A bunion is a bone deformity. If you are having this surgery, in most cases, you’ll need your bones to be realigned, not cut. This is why laser usage isn’t necessary. 

Is Removing a Bunion Worth It?

Bunions can cause severe pain and issues in everyday functioning, even while walking in your flat and comfortable shoes. If a bunion causes you unbearable pain, swelling, and issues with handling everyday activities, surgery is more than worth it. However, it’s important to differentiate that the surgery won’t remove the bunion but rather realign the bone to its natural position. 

In just six weeks, which is the estimated recovery period, you can start participating in all the activities that you avoided because you were uncomfortable doing them. You can also start wearing shoes you couldn’t before, plus, your feet will look much nicer. 

What Happens if You Leave a Bunion Untreated?

Untreated bunions can grow and cause even bigger issues, including pain, swelling, and other complications. This is why sometimes bunion surgery is necessary – to prevent further problems.

What Type of Bunion Surgery Is Best?

There are different types of bunion surgery, and the type of surgery you should get mostly depends on your condition. Your doctor will know which surgery is the best solution for your specific problem. In most cases, minimally invasive bunion surgery is good enough to fix regular problems with bunions.


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