Lower Back Pain From Flat Feet

Lower Back Pain From Flat Feet

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Our bodies are an engineering marvel – each part works in unison with others. Our skeletal system is connected with muscle, tendon, and tissue, and our extremities are simply a small part of the whole system. Because feet support our whole body, you can get lower back pain from flat feet due to the body’s misalignment. Stick with us to learn more about the cause of this problem and how you can fix it.

How to Know if You Have Flat Feet

If you are not sure whether you have low arches but want to check your feet at home, you can do the so-called footprint test. You can do this test fairly quickly by performing it on a surface that marks easily with wet stains. For instance, a concrete floor is ideal for this. 

If you have a bucket, fill it with water and then dip your feet. The next step is to lay your wet feet down on the concrete surface to leave an imprint. After you lift your foot, there should be an imprint with visible front and back of the foot, along with the toes.

However, if you notice that there is no gap between the heel and the ball, your arches might be low, and you’re probably suffering from a flat foot condition. Here are some other symptoms you might be experiencing:

If you notice any of these symptoms, you should visit your podiatrist to get an opinion from an expert.

Lower Back Pain From Flat Feet Can Be Caused by Misalignment of Your Spine

The feet are the foundation of the body, and if they are not providing proper support during walking, running, or simply standing, you may start experiencing pain and other issues. Your spine and pelvis may tilt when one or both of the foot arches flatten. This tilting puts additional strain on your column and nerves, which in turn results in lower back pain. In order to make your back more secure and maintain better alignment, you must find a way to fix your flat feet.

Flat Feet Can Cause Low Back Pain by Weakening the Muscles

If you have low arches in your feet, this could also affect the muscles found in your lower back. In time, it may cause these postural muscles to become weak and have trouble keeping the back upright. As a result, the whole body starts leaning forward, and because our whole bodies are interconnected, the coordination of movement and joint stabilization might become painful and problematic.

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How Can You Correct Flat Feet?

Your flat feet can be treated by slipping a custom-made shoe insert (custom foot orthotics) into them. Custom shoe orthotics will support, realign, and stabilize all the joints in your body above your feet, in addition to supporting and realigning the arches. Thus, this lessens the strain on your spine, aids in maintaining the health of your joints, and improves posture. Physical therapy, along with prescribed exercise, can also do a lot to alleviate the pain and help correct some of the issues caused by low arches.

Do You Need Surgery?

If you’ve discussed all your options with your doctor and tried to correct the pain and other issues you have because of flat feet but are still struggling with the same problems, it might be time to consider surgery. Although surgical procedures for this type of condition are rare, if all else fails, your doctor may suggest it. 

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Ask Your Surgeon About the Best Flat Feet Solution

If you want to determine whether your flat feet condition is the main culprit behind discomfort and pain in the lower back region, talk to one of our team members at Luxe Foot Surgery. We can discuss the approach you want to take, so contact us to book your appointment. Together, we will determine the best course of action that will help you defeat pain and get your health in order.


How Do You Relieve Back Pain From Flat Feet?

There are several ways to address pain in the lower back region caused by low arches. This may include pain medication (this is an immediate solution, but short-term), exercise and stretching, physical therapy, and orthotics.

How Long Does It Take to Fix Flat Feet?

Depending on the approach you want to take, the pain can be relieved almost immediately. However, correction of low arches takes from 3 to 18 months, and you have to be consistent. But since not all flat feet can be corrected, it may require you to undergo a surgical procedure.


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