New Treatments for Severely Flat Feet

New Treatments for Severely Flat Feet

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The lack of arches underneath your feet is one of the defining characteristics of the disorder known as flat feet. There are a number of factors that have been linked to this condition, including heredity, the wearing of specific footwear throughout childhood, and obesity. Depending on your specific condition, there are many new treatments for severely flat feet you can count on.

What Are Flat Feet

A frequent ailment known as flatfeet causes the inside arches of the feet to collapse under pressure. This condition is sometimes referred to as flatfoot, and people who have it have feet that point outward when they stand up, and the whole soles of their feet touch the ground.

How Are They Diagnosed

Check the inside sides of both of the feet while you are standing to determine whether or not you have flat feet. In case you have flat feet, the soles of your feet will be parallel to the ground when standing. If the inside of your foot is elevated off the ground, this means that you do not have flat feet (this part is known as the arch). 

If you’re not certain about your condition and wonder if the cause of your walking discomfort is flat feet or something else, it is for the best that you get examined by an expert. Once you learn more about your condition, you’ll know better what the best treatment for it is.

How Are Flat Feet Treated and Managed

Flat feet often cause pain and discomfort, which leads many people to doctor’s appointments. Patients with this condition look for different types of treatments that can be helpful and relieve them from these unpleasant symptoms. 

There are different types of treatments, and the one you choose should mostly depend on your current condition and its severity, as well as your general health. For example, some patients are advised to take medicine, but if, for any reason, you are unable to take them, you can try physical therapy or wearing arch support. Surgery is another solution, especially for the most severe cases. 


Ibuprofen and other over-the-counter (OTC) nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may be able to help you manage the pain and inflammation caused by flat feet if they are a contributing factor. Additionally, you can try applying cold packs to the affected area for up to twenty minutes per session, three to four times a day.

Physical Therapies

Towel curls are just one of the numerous types of stretches that can help alleviate the discomfort caused by flat feet. Other exercises include:

  • Heel stretches,
  • Calf lifts,
  • Toe raises,
  • The tennis ball and golf ball roll,
  • Stair arch lifts,
  • Arch lifts.

Supportive Devices

Arch supports are something a doctor or other medical professionals would recommend for uncomfortable flatfeet. Arch supports that do not require a prescription are able to assist in alleviating the painful symptoms caused by flatfeet. There are occasions when it is advisable to use arch support that is made to order (custom orthotic devices) and shaped to the specific curves of the foot.


Repair of loosened tendons or realignment of the foot’s bones are the two most common surgical procedures for treating flat feet. In order to treat flat feet, we may recommend a variety of the following surgical procedures, although this will depend on the seriousness of your condition. Arthrodesis is another term for joint fusion surgery used for the most serious stiff flat foot conditions.

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Go Over New Treatments for Severely Flat Feet With Your Surgeon

The safest way to learn the best treatment for your condition is to talk to an expert about it and go through needed examinations. You can always contact us to book an appointment at the Luxe Foot Surgery clinic, and our experts will give you the best possible advice regarding your case. If you decide to have the flat feet surgery done at our clinic, you can feel comfortable knowing you’re in safe hands. 


What Is the Fastest Way to Cure Flat Feet?

The fastest way to cure flat feet is surgery, but the recovery process might take six weeks or more. You can try other methods like wearing arch support and physical therapy, but these usually take much more time to achieve visible results. 

Can You Rebuild Arches in Flat Feet?

One of the issues that people have with their feet is a condition called flat feet or fallen arch, which refers to a reduction inside the longitudinal arch which absorbs the shock of landing. You can re-establish the arches in your feet by performing some exercises in addition to any other active, isolated, constant-resistance moves.

What Do Podiatrists Recommend for Flat Feet?

A physician or other healthcare provider may advise arch supports if you have unpleasant flat feet. Without a prescription, arch supports can help flat feet patients with their unpleasant symptoms. There are times when using custom arch supports (orthotic devices) is advised, as these are made to perfectly fit the unique contours of the foot.


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