Post-Operative Recovery From Tailor Bunion Surgery

Post-Operative Recovery From Tailor Bunion Surgery

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Undergoing a tailor’s bunion surgery will significantly improve your feet health, and it will be possible to walk without any pain or restrictions again. If you want to prepare for the upcoming operation, learn about the post-operative recovery from tailor bunion surgery and ensure that you get perfect results. Avoiding complications, managing pain, and regaining strength will go much smoother if you are adequately prepared.

What Does Immediate Post-Surgery Care Entail?

The patient’s foot is still numb from the general anesthesia, so there won’t be any pain. Doctors will bandage the foot, and the physiotherapist will talk to the patient about walking with crutches and using a padded stiff shoe and what to expect from the rehabilitation process. Once the surgeon determines that the foot is healing well, the patient will be discharged.

Pain Management, Dressing, and Incision Care Are a Must

When the anesthesia wears off, the patient will start feeling pain and discomfort, which can be easily managed with prescribed pain medication tailed to the patient’s specific needs. Also, the surgeon will provide instructions on how to take care of the dressing regularly and keep the surgical site clean.

Pain Management, Dressing, and Incision Care Are a Must

Ice Therapy Can Help You During the Recovery From Tailor Bunion Surgery

Ice therapy and cryotherapy will be most soothing during the recovery from bunionectomy. Reducing swelling, inflammation, and pain with ice packs will provide instant relief. After the operation, there will be swelling and discomfort, and the patient should use ice therapy to constrict the blood vessels and numb nerve endings to speed up the healing process. We recommend using an ice pack for about 30 minutes per hour.

Make Sure That You Are Maintaining the Foot Hygiene

Maintaining foot hygiene is essential. However, you need to do it correctly to not hinder the healing process. Follow these instructions:

  • During the initial two weeks, keep the foot dry since it is nicely bandaged.
  • After two weeks, once the bandage is taken off, wash off the dried blood underneath the bandage but don’t scrub the place of the incision.
  • Once you can wash the foot, use non-perfumed creams that don’t irritate the skin to promote healing and to take care of the skin after a prolonged bandage.

Inspect Incisions

After two weeks, it’s time for a post-operation appointment. When the dressing gets removed, a surgeon will inspect the incisions. If everything looks well, he’ll remove the stitches. The surgeon will instruct the patient to monitor the incision site and pay attention to signs of infection, such as swelling and redness.

A doctor looking at a foot

Go to Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is crucial during the recovery process. The rehabilitation stages include gait re-education, regaining mobility, reducing tightness in muscles, and practicing weight-beating. Adhering to all instructions diligently will ensure desired results.

Make Sure You Are Doing Recommended Exercises

Don’t be discouraged at the beginning of the rehabilitation process. Start slowly and gradually practice weight-bearing and strength exercises. The best exercises after tailor bunion operation are toe curls which strengthen the muscles; toe spreading, which will prevent new bunions from forming; and heel slides, which aid in stretching the Achilles tendon.

Make Sure You Are Doing Recommended Exercises

Have a Follow-up Appointment With Your Doctor in Miami to Check on the Recovery Process

The recovery process after this surgery can take from six to twelve weeks. During this time, it’s vital to have a reliable surgeon monitoring the rehabilitation and providing additional advice for your case. Turn to our experts at Luxe Foot Surgery. Our team can perform the surgery and guide you through the rehabilitation process. When under our care, there won’t be any reason for hesitation. Contact us and take care of the nagging problem right away!



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