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Should I Schedule a Pretty Feet Surgery Near Me?

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Many people deal with foot conditions, whether it’s a simple corn or a complex bone deformity – the possibilities are endless. Thanks to improvements in minimally invasive surgery, cosmetic corrections are now quite popular. If you’re wondering, “Should I schedule a pretty feet surgery near me?” – keep reading. We’ve covered the most important things you need to know about aesthetic foot corrections in this text.

What Is Pretty Feet Surgery?

If you want to change the appearance of your feet, you must be wondering what pretty feet surgery is exactly. What can you expect from a cosmetic procedure? Considering that there is a wide variety of deformities and foot conditions that can be treated surgically, cosmetic surgery for feet can mean many different things depending on your case. 

Of course, before you can book any kind of procedure, you will have to visit your podiatrist, who will examine you and determine the best course of action. They will be able to decide what kind of surgery you will benefit the most from. 

Who Can Get It?

There aren’t any exact requirements for cosmetic foot surgery – you just need to be an adult and in good overall health. Before your surgery, be sure to tell your doctor if you have any chronic conditions. They might ask you to do certain lab tests or exams to make sure you are healthy and ready for this procedure. 

Are There Different Types of Pretty Feet Procedures?

There are numerous types of pretty feet surgeries – which one you’ll need depends on the appearance of your foot and the desired changes that you want to see. There are a few common surgeries that podiatrists perform all the time, so let’s go over the common foot problems and all the ways they can be fixed surgically.

Getting Rid of Bunions and Bunionettes

Bunions and bunionettes are similar conditions, which can both be treated with minimally invasive procedures. This bony prominence typically occurs on the inside of the foot, at the base of the big toe, and it’s the result of an irregular alignment of the first metatarsal bone. 

Bunion surgery can correct the deformity in no time – the procedure lasts 20-40 minutes, and you will be recovered in a couple of weeks. There are three main types of bunion surgery – arthrodesis, osteotomy, and exostectomy. A bunionette is a similar condition, but instead of the big toe, the prominence is located at the base of the fifth toe. Bunionettes are also called tailor’s bunions

Fixing Long and Short Toes

Long and short toes are, as you can guess, genetic conditions – they aren’t caused by your shoe choices like bunions are. If you have a long toe, the logical solution to this problem is toe shortening surgery, which can be bone fusion or joint resection. Toe shortening is also a minimally invasive procedure, with a recovery time of about six weeks. 

When it comes to short toes, you guessed it – there is a toe lengthening procedure that can help you. A short toe, or brachymetatarsia as it’s called medically, can be corrected with one of the following surgical techniques – brachymetatarsia external fixator lengthening, sliding bone-cut lengthening, and bone-graft lengthening. Your surgeon will decide which procedure fits your case best when they examine you. 

Removing Hammertoes

Hammertoe, mallet toe, or claw toe, as it can also be called, is a common foot deformity of the lesser toes. It usually occurs on the second toe, and it’s essentially a condition where the toe is permanently bent at a certain angle and can’t be straightened. This happens thanks to the tightening of the flexor tendons, which keep the toe curled up. Minimally invasive hammertoe surgery addresses this problem – the surgeon makes a small incision to release the problematic tendon. 

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How to Find the Surgeon to Help You?

Finding the right surgeon to help you is the most crucial part of the entire process – the doctor you choose can either make this a smooth change or make it more complicated than it needs to be. So, you have to be careful when picking the best person for the job. This will take a lot of time and research, but all that effort will be worth it when you see the results of your cosmetic foot surgery. 

Should I Schedule a Pretty Feet Surgery Near Me – Talk to Your Miami Surgeon and Find Out

If you’re intrigued by the idea of cosmetic foot surgery, reach out to an experienced doctor in Miami who can answer all your questions and explain what you can expect from foot surgery. Any member of our team here at Luxe Foot Surgery can help you out – we’re experts in this field, and we’ve done countless successful procedures over the years. Don’t hesitate to contact us and book your free first appointment. We can guarantee you won’t regret this decision!


Can I Get Surgery to Make My Feet Pretty?

Yes, you can have surgery to improve your foot’s appearance. Cosmetic foot surgery can fix various foot deformities, including bunions, hammertoes, long toes, or short toes. Depending on what kind of problem you have, your doctor will recommend the best kind of procedure for you. 

What Is Cinderella Foot Surgery?

Cinderella foot surgery is a type of cosmetic foot surgery that has become quite popular in recent years. The procedure aims to reshape the feet by correcting bunions and changing the length of the toes – this is particularly popular because it allows women to wear heels easier.

How Much Is Cinderella Foot Surgery?

Cinderella foot surgery can be a costly investment – the procedure can cost you up to $9,000, and in some cases, the price may go over $10,000. This depends on the complexity of your case and the clinic where you choose to have surgery. 

Is Cosmetic Foot Surgery a Thing?

Yes, cosmetic foot surgery is a thing – it’s actually becoming more and more popular thanks to advancements in minimally invasive surgical procedures. Simple outpatient surgeries can help correct foot deformities quickly, and the recovery time after the procedure is way shorter compared to traditional surgery. 


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