Side Effects of Spider Vein Treatment

Side Effects of Spider Vein Treatment

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Every medical intervention carries a certain amount of risk from complications and side effects, so here is everything you should know about the side effects of spider vein treatment before you decide to have them removed.

What Are Some Common Side Effects of Spider Vein Treatment

As with any medical procedure, no matter how minimally invasive, a certain amount of risk is implied. Spider veins are not a serious health threat, and the procedures to remove them are minimally invasive, so you shouldn’t fear complications or extreme side effects. However, these are some side effects you can expect after the procedure. 

Side Effects of Spider Vein Treatment

Swelling and Sensitivity

Swelling and sensitivity around the area where the needle went in if you decided on sclerotherapy or in the area where the laser was used if you decided on laser therapy is completely normal. Most people experience swelling and sensitivity right after the procedure, but it should go down within a couple of days. 

Itching or Tingling Sensations

A certain amount of itching or tingling during the recovery time is to be expected and should completely go away within a couple of weeks.

Redness or Inflammation

Among the most common side effects of spider vein treatments, both sclerotherapy and laser therapy, are redness and inflammation. With both treatment options, the skin will be fairly irritated, so you should expect a certain amount of redness or inflammation for the following couple of days.

Skin Discomfort or Irritation

Even though the treatments are completely painless, you might experience some skin discomfort or irritation afterward. Some bruising or skin sores are normal and should cause you no worry. The skin can be irritated, so if you develop any skin hives, it’s not a cause for concern, but you may want to visit a doctor and have it checked out. In some extreme cases, laser therapy can lead to skin burns if the laser is set to a higher setting than it was supposed to. 

Skin Discomfort or Irritation

What Factors Affect the Side Effects? 

People experience side effects completely differently, and there is no rule or way to determine how they will affect a patient. Here are some factors that may affect the side effects. 

Individual Reactions

Whether or not you will develop side effects is completely individual. Some people might experience every possible side effect, while others won’t experience any. Some people simply have stronger reactions to the treatments, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that the treatment wasn’t performed correctly. You can never know how your body will react to the treatment, which is why your doctor should always warn you about all possible side effects and complications ahead of time. 

Treatment Technique

Different techniques and treatment plans have different side effects. Sclerotherapy and laser therapy have their own different lists of side effects, but they can also be caused by a lack of experience on the doctor’s part. For example, if you decide to undergo laser therapy, skin burns caused by the laser shouldn’t occur if the treatment is done right. That’s why it’s so important to always find the best possible doctor. 

How to Cope With Side Effects

How to Cope With Side Effects?

Most of these side effects last for a couple of days, or a few weeks at the most. If you’re experiencing pain or sensitivity, take pain medication, and if you have some skin sensitivity, look for a cream that can help. 

When to Seek Help From Professionals? 

If your side effects worsen over time and don’t go away within a few weeks, immediately seek medical attention. 

Contact Your Doctor in Miami if You Have Questions

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us, and our team will be happy to address them. Schedule an appointment with our doctor at the Luxe Foot Surgery and get ready to have healthy veins again.



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