Toe Reshaping Surgery

Toe Reshaping Surgery

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Some toe deformities, such as long, short, or crooked toes, can cause pain and discomfort during daily activities and damage the appearance of the feet, which is why many people opt for toe reshaping surgery to fix them. Toe shortening, toe lengthening, and toe straightening surgery are all procedures that can help people with these foot conditions – and we will help you learn more about them.

What Is a Toe Reshaping Surgery?

A toe reshaping surgery is a procedure that can refer to three different toe plastic surgery options – toe shortening, toe lengthening, and toe straightening. Those are all minimally invasive procedures that can help you get rid of some unsightly foot conditions and discomfort caused by them. 

Who Can Be an Ideal Candidate for It?

If you’re unhappy with the looks of your toes or are in substantial pain as a result of the crooked, long, or short toe(s), you’re probably a suitable candidate for this corrective surgery. However, if you’re not certain if the surgical intervention is the best course of action in your situation, feel free to schedule a consultation with experts in the field who can help you make the best decision.

What Types of Toe Reshaping Surgery Are There?

Cosmetic toe surgeries can help you straighten the crooked toes, shorten the long toe, and extend the short toe. Which of these separate procedures you will need depends on the foot condition you have as well as the results you wish to achieve. 

Toe Shortening Surgery

Morton’s toe or long toe is a pretty common genetic condition that can be successfully treated with the help of toe-shortening surgery. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that uses bone recession or fusion to fix a long toe deformity and help you get rid of all the complications that come with it (such as corns or calluses). 

To achieve the most benefits of a toe shortening surgery, some surgeons will decide to insert a wire or implant that will help maintain bone stability. After the recovery process has finished and the bones have healed, they will be removed.

Toe Lengthening Surgery

Toe lengthening surgery is designed to help people with brachymetatarsia (a short or floating toe), another common genetic condition caused by a disruption in the metatarsal bone-growing process. This condition can cause pain and affect a person’s weight distribution and balance, not to mention the appearance of a foot. 

That is why many people with brachymetatarsia decide to undergo surgery which involves lengthening the short bone with one of the three possible techniques (depending on the severity of the condition):

  • External fixator lengthening, 
  • Bone-graft lengthening, and
  • Sliding bone-cut lengthening.

Toe Straightening Surgery

Claw, mallet, and hammer toes are among the most common types of crooked toes that can be fixed with the help of toe straightening surgery. Depending on your condition, a surgeon may decide to perform joint recession, joint fusion, or tendon transfer. Keep in mind that angular or crooked toes can cause severe discomfort even during simple daily activities. However, toe straightening surgery is there to help patients manage the pain and restore the natural appearance of their feet.

Toe Reshaping Surgery

How Long Is the Recovery Process?

The recovery time for toe reshaping surgery depends on the foot condition you wish to fix, your overall health, as well as the technique used during the procedure. For example, toe-shortening surgery recovery time is expected to be between two and three weeks. On the other hand, the healing process for toe lengthening surgery is usually longer – it takes approximately six weeks for a bone to heal and twelve weeks for the recovery to be completed. As for the toe strengthening surgery, the recovery time is between three and six weeks – sometimes even longer. 

Schedule a Visit With Your Doctor in Miami and Go Over All the Details of Toe Reshaping Surgery

Is the surgery necessary? What type of surgery do I need? What are the benefits and risks of surgical intervention? If you have some of the previously mentioned foot conditions and want to get in-depth answers to these questions, it’s time to make an appointment with a trustworthy foot clinic – and that’s where Luxe Foot Surgery comes along. Our reliable team is here to guide you through the whole process, so feel free to contact us and schedule your free consultation. 


Can You Get Surgery to Change the Shape of Your Toes?

Yes, you can get the surgery to reshape your toes. Depending on the foot deformity you have, you can choose to shorten, straighten, and lengthen your toes. 

Is Toe Straightening Surgery Painful?

Toe straightening surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia, so you shouldn’t experience pain during the procedure. 

How Much Is a Toe Shortening Surgery?

On average, toe shortening surgery is between $2,000 and $2,500 per toe. 

Is Toe Shortening Surgery Painful?

Toe shortening is not painful since all patients are under anesthesia. However, you may experience pain during the recovery process. 



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