The Best Shoes for Post Hallux Rigidus Surgery Health

What Are the Best Shoes for Post Hallux Rigidus Surgery Health

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If you had a hallux rigidus surgery, you are probably wondering how to maintain your previous level of activity without interrupting your healing process. What are the best shoes for post hallux rigidus surgery health? Luckily, there are many comfortable shoes you can wear and still keep your foot in a comfortable condition. 

Best Running Shoes

If you have an active lifestyle, you probably can’t wait to get back in your running shoes. If you’re recovering from hallux rigidus surgery, there are a few models you can get and enjoy more comfort.

Hoka One One Clifton 4 Running Shoes​

The Hoka One One Clifton 4 is the running shoe that has proven to be the most successful for people who suffer from hallux rigidus or hallux limitus. In addition to a full EVA midsole, they feature a Meta-Rocker shape, a high-abrasion rubber outsole, and complete EVA construction.

People who suffer from toe difficulties and forefoot pain, such as metatarsalgia, hallux rigidus, hallux limitus, and bunions, will find that the Clifton 3’s toe box is somewhat larger than that of its predecessor, making it an excellent choice for them.

Altra Olympus Trail Running Shoe​

For a number of different reasons, the Altra Olympus Trail Running Shoes are widely acknowledged as being among the most effective athletic shoes for hallux rigidus.

These shoes have a plush collar, a breathable mesh upper, maximum cushioning, as well as a sticky rubber outsole, making them an excellent choice for trail terrains. The sole platform of these shoes is made of rubber and measures around an inch in thickness.

Because they are incredibly comfortable and provide significantly more support than standard running shoes, these shoes are among the finest options for runners who suffer from hallux rigidus.

Best Walking & Hiking Shoes

When you put these shoes on, you will immediately have the sensation of a flawless fit, as well as the luxurious quality of the material. The roomy toe box will provide your toes with plenty of room to spread out and relax. They are also quite fashionable and adaptable, which means that you may rock them wherever you want to go.

New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking Shoe

Given that these New Balance 928 walking shoes contain a number of fantastic characteristics, it would be remiss of us not to discuss them. The bottoms of these shoes are made of rubber that was imported, while the uppers are made of leather. The collars are sturdy and padded.

Lace-up closures on the vamps, padding in the midfoot, odor-resistant linings, and a sole designed for walking. Because of their sturdy bottoms and gentle rockers, these walking shoes are also ideal for people who suffer from hallux rigidus.

MBT Walking Shoe

MBT Shoes are widely acknowledged as having one of the greatest rocker soles among shoes designed for hallux rigidus or hallux limitus. They have a rocker in the middle of the foot and perform effectively for these ailments because they restrict motion in the joints of the big toe.

It has been discovered that these shoes are also quite effective for the treatment of hallux limitus, especially in the context of post-operative therapy for an operative fusion of the primary MPJ.

Person using pads after surgery 

Best Dress and Casual Shoes

These expert clogs carry out their promises properly. Your big toe joints won’t be under any stress because of the superb arch support you’ll enjoy. You’ll treat your feet like they’ve never been treated when you wear them.

Dansko Women’s Professional Clogs​

Patients with hallux rigidus might look into purchasing the Dansko Women’s Professional Clogs if their line of work requires them to adhere to a more conservative dress code.

These shoes have a polyurethane outsole, a rocker bottom synthetic bottom, a roomy toe box, a padded instep collar, and a wide heel strike. The upper of the shoe is made of leather that was imported from another country.

Aside from the problem with the sizing, these shoes are incredibly well crafted and provide a very comfortable feeling even when worn for an entire day. Because of this, they are the most suitable dress shoes for people who have hallux rigidus.

Dansko Women’s Flat

Dansko shoes have captured our attention since they are fashionable and incredibly cozy. The American Podiatric Medical Association gave these shoes its Seal of Acceptance, a testament to how comfy they are.

Because of the rocking effect and additional cushioning provided by its thick soles, the toe joints’ motion is lessened. These shoes are excellent hallux rigidus shoes for ladies to wear to work because they also include a large toe box, an expedient rear zipper closing, a removable footbed, and an ankle-strap style.

Ask Your Surgeon What Are the Best Shoes for Post Hallux Rigidus Surgery Health 

If you can’t decide which shoe model to get, the best thing you can do for yourself is to contact us and book an appointment with a doctor at the Luxe Foot Surgery clinic. Depending on your specific condition, lifestyle and preferences, our doctors will help you find the most beautiful and comfortable model on the market.


What Are the Best Sneakers for Hallux Rigidus?

Hoka Bondi, The Bondi 7, is one of the top running shoes for hallux rigidus, according to the majority of podiatrists. It will offer cushioning, rocker, stability, and support to ensure the smoothest possible heel-to-toe transitions.

What Shoes Can I Wear After Big Toe Fusion?

For roughly six weeks following surgery, you must wear wedges or a wedge shoe with a hard sole to safeguard the fusion. For a period of six weeks, you must maintain your weight on your heels and off your front foot.

Are Hokas Good for Hallux Rigidus?

Because of the HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X 2’s extensive fitting options, rocker sole, and carbon fiber plate, we heartily recommend it. The Hoka’s rocker sole and wide-fit toe box relieve pressure on the big toe.


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