What Color Are Corns on the Toes

What Color Are Corns on the Toes

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Knowing what colors are corns on the toes could help you identify what kind of foot corn you have, and whether or not you have a foot corn or some other kind of skin condition. Either way, you should still schedule an appointment with a doctor to check it out and perform corn removal surgery if needed. 

What Color Are Corns on Toes?

The color of the corn on your foot can be different depending on which type of corn you have. Corns on toes can be any type, depending on where they’re located on the toe. Besides the regular color of the corn, it’s normal for the surroundings of the corn to be a little red or even brownish or black. 

What Color Are Hard Corns on Toes

Hard corns on toes are very easy to spot due to their shape and color. The rounded patch of hardened skin is either beige or yellow in color. 

What Color Are Soft Corns on Toes

Soft corns are a bit different, they are usually a milky white, almost translucent color that matches their rubbery texture. 

What Color Are Seed Corns on Toes

When it comes to foot corns, seed corns are the most distinctive type of them. The patch of hardened skin is the same color as any other hard corn, but the center of the skin patch, also called the seed, after which they got the name, is a pure white color. 

The color of the corn depends on its type

What Are Corns?

Foot corns are a very common skin condition that creates a lot of discomfort and pain in everyday life, by doing simple activities like walking or running. There are various types of foot corns, such as hard, soft, and seed corns. 

What Are the Causes of Corns

When it comes to the causes of foot corns, uncomfortable shoes take the first spot. Corns are caused by friction, and they form when your foot keeps sliding around inside the shoe or is constantly being pressed against the walls of the shoes because you didn’t buy the right fit. Another cause of corns could be dry skin, as they are directly related to dry and sensitive skin. 

Ill-fitting shoes are most commonly a cause of foot corns 

How to Identify Corns on Toes?

Corns on toes are very easy to identify. All you have to look for is a rounded mass of hardened skin, slightly elevated from the surface of the toe, in case of hard corns. If it’s a soft corn, you will be able to identify it by its rubbery, softer texture of the skin patch.

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When to Consult a Doctor?

Even though various colors are no cause for alarm when it comes to foot corns, if your corn develops an unusual color followed by a burning or itching sensation, or puss, you might be getting an infection, and that’s when you need to consult a doctor

Doctor holding feet 

Schedule a Visit With Your Doctor in Miami and Get Rid of Corn

If your foot corn keeps changing color and you want it gone immediately, you need to have a doctor remove your corn permanently and hassle-free. So, contact us and schedule your appointment at the best clinic in Miami – the Luxe Foot Surgery center. 


What Does a Corn Look Like on a Toe?

A foot corn on a toe is very easy to spot, and it doesn’t look any different from a regular corn located anywhere else on the foot. It looks like a well-formed, rounded, slightly elevated skin patch of hardened skin, and depending on its type, it can vary in color or have redness around it. 

How Do I Know If I Have a Corn on My Toe?

Foot corns usually go by asymptomatic, so people don’t even notice they’re there in most cases. However, when the corn is located on your toe, it’s hard to ignore it, as there are some symptoms, including redness, itchiness, or pain and discomfort when pressure is applied to the corn. Besides the classic symptoms of foot corns, you can easily recognize them because of their distinctive shape and color. 

Are Corns on Toes Black?

Even though foot corns are usually beige or slightly yellow, it does happen that the skin under or around the corn gets black. While it is unusual, there’s no cause for concern as the black color is just a result of mini bleeds around the corn. 



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