What Is Traumeel Used For

What Is Traumeel Used For?

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If you’re struggling with certain foot and ankle conditions that present with pain and inflammation, maybe you have heard of Traumeel. So, what is that exactly, and what is Traumeel used for in podiatry? If you want to find out everything about this medication, keep reading – we’ve explained it all in this article. 

What Exactly Is Traumeel?

When there is pain, swelling, and inflammation in the foot or ankle, doctors will usually prescribe NSAIDs to battle these symptoms – this is the most logical course of action. However, recently we have seen an increase in the number of physicians recommending Traumeel as an alternative to NSAIDs and even corticosteroid injections, which can also help with foot and ankle issues. So, what is Traumeel – medically speaking?

Traumeel is a natural remedy – it is a homeopathic solution made with mineral and biological extracts. It is a multitarget medication that accelerates the resolution of the natural inflammation process, thereby speeding up healing and relieving the patient from unpleasant symptoms.

Traumeel is said to have a different mode of action compared to other pain medications, which means that there won’t be typical side effects. It is worth noting that among the ingredients, there are some from the daisy (Compositae) family, so some patients may experience an allergic reaction if they are hypersensitive to these botanicals.

Here is a list of key points about Traumeel:

  • Traumeel is a homeopathic solution made with mineral and biological extracts.
  • It is used to treat pain, swelling, and inflammation in the foot and ankle.
  • Traumeel accelerates the resolution of the natural inflammation process and promotes healing.
  • It has a different mode of action compared to other pain medications.
  • Traumeel is believed to have fewer typical side effects associated with conventional medications.
  • Some patients may experience allergic reactions if they are hypersensitive to the ingredients from the daisy (Compositae) family.

It is important to note that before taking any medication, it is essential to consult with a doctor for proper diagnosis and receive personalized treatment recommendations.

What Else Do You Need to Know About This Medication?

Traumeel is known to be quite easy to tolerate – it has no harmful side effects you should worry about (there is no chance of central nervous system depression). It’s well-tolerated, and it’s considered a safer choice than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications – which have numerous side effects. Although it’s highly unlikely that you can overdose with this medication, it’s recommended not to exceed the prescribed dosage of Traumeel. 

Traumeel has no known interactions with other medications and doesn’t interact with any laboratory tests either. There aren’t any well-controlled studies of Traumeel in pregnant women, so you should avoid it if you suspect you’re pregnant. The same goes for nursing mothers. Traumeel is safe for children as young as two years old. 

What Type of Traumeel Should You Use? 

Whatever form of Traumeel you choose, the administration of this medication is effortless. You can even combine external and internal use for better results, depending on what your condition requires. Your doctor will talk to you about the benefits of Traumeel and explain how, when, and how much you should take. Traumeel comes in four different types – cream, gel, tablets, and drops. Your doctor will decide what will work best for you once they examine you.

Traumeel Cream

Traumeel cream is quite efficient in treating musculoskeletal injuries, whether acute or chronic. It works great for ankle sprains, injuries of tendons, or even contusions and hematomas. The cream works fast to resolve the inflammation and ensures you get back to your feet in no time. 

Traumeel Gel

Similarly to Traumeel cream, Traumeel gel is used for the local treatment of various musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. What sets it apart from Traumeel cream is the additional cooling effect – this makes it a great treatment choice for sports injuries and swellings. 

Traumeel Tablets

Traumeel tablets are often used together with Traumeel gel or cream, and they are beneficial for pain and inflammation that are a result of overuse injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and effusions. 

Traumeel Drops

The same as Traumeel tablets, Traumeel drops are used for oral treatment of various musculoskeletal injuries. The drops work well for pain related to sprains, dislocations, contusions, and hemarthrosis. Of course, they could be combined with Traumeel cream or gel for faster and easier recovery. 

Traumeel Injections 

Traumeel injections are often used for treating sports injuries, usually in combination with other forms of treatment like physical therapy and medications. Of course, the injection has to be administered by a medical professional. 

Consult With Your Doctor in Miami About the Proper Use of Traumeel

As with any other medication, it’s recommended that you talk to your doctor before you start using it. Even though Traumeel is a homeopathic medication, it’s best to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of its use with your doctor – they will be able to decide if this is the best treatment option for you. 

If you don’t know who to talk to about your foot and ankle pain, worry not – Luxe Foot Surgery has a team of skilled doctors who are ready to help you with anything that troubles you. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to reach out to book your free first consultation.


What Are the Benefits of Traumeel?

Traumeel is a homeopathic remedy made with natural ingredients. It’s known to be as effective in treating pain and inflammation as NSAIDs, but it comes with fewer side effects, so it’s considered a safer choice. Traumeel also has no known interactions with other medications. 

Does Traumeel Help With Pain?

Yes, Traumeel helps with pain and inflammation, which makes it an excellent choice for treating musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. This remedy works to speed up the healing process. 

When Should I Take Traumeel?

Consult with your doctor before taking Traumeel. This medication is great for dealing with pain, swelling, bruising, and inflammation of the musculoskeletal system. 

Is Traumeel Good for Arthritis?

Yes, Traumeel can be helpful for patients with arthritis – it helps with pain in the foot, ankle, knees, and lower back. Consult with your doctor before you start using this medication. 


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