Why Is It So Hard to Get Rid of Seed Corns

Why Is It So Hard to Get Rid of Seed Corns

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If you’ve examined your feet and determined you have seed corns, your next step should be initiating treatment – but keep in mind that it may not be as easy as you think. But why is it so hard to get rid of seed corns? If you wish to know the answer and learn more about successful corn removal, despite their nature, we got you covered. 

What Are Seed Corns?

Seed corns are the type of corns that commonly develop on the sole of the feet. They are actually a mechanism our bodies use to protect themselves – these small patches of hardened skin develop to protect our feet from constant pressure and friction. However, seed corns tend to be very painful, especially when they form on the weight-bearing areas of the feet. 

Why Is It So Hard to Get Rid of Seed Corns – Factors You Should Consider

Seed corns not only spoil the appearance of the feet but also bring a lot of discomfort, especially during activities that add pressure to the bottom of your feet, which is why many people look for different ways to get rid of them. However, it is rarely an easy process, and here is why.

Nature of Seed Corns

As mentioned above, skin thickening occurs as a result of the body’s response to excessive pressure or friction, which triggers an increase in the production of a protein called keratin. This increased production of keratin leads to the formation of a thickened layer of skin. Therefore, until you remove the source of friction and pressure, you won’t be able to get rid of corns – and even then, you will rarely be able to do so without proper treatment.

Root System and Skin Thickness

Corns on the bottom of the foot have a core or center – an area in the middle where there is the most friction and where the skin is the thickest. The more hardened the skin is, the harder it will be to remove the corn. 

The thickness of the skin associated with seed corns can vary depending on the severity of the pressure or friction and the length of time it has been present. In some cases, the thickened skin can become so dense and hard that you won’t be able to remove it on your own. 

What Can Worsen Seed Corns

Seed corns form due to excessive friction and pressure, but without popper care, this condition can worsen over time. Here are some factors that can make foot corn symptoms worse. 

Poor Hygiene and Tight Shoes

Ill-fitting shoes are most likely to cause seed corn issues, and it’s something you should take seriously. Go with shoes that are not too tight (nor too loose) and shoes able to provide you with the right support and comfort throughout the day. Additionally, keeping your feet clean, dry, and sweat-free is also important if you don’t complicate the healing process. 

Lack of Effective Treatments

Leaving seed corns untreated can only worsen the condition and even lead to an infected corn on the bottom of the foot – the same goes with foot corn treatments at home that do not show any results. If you’re trying to remove a seed corn on your own and you’re not successful at it, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a medical expert. 

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When Should You See a Doctor?

If you’ve tried some home treatment options and over-the-counter plasters and topical products, and you don’t see any results, a corn removal surgery clinic may be able to help. Additionally, if you have diabetes or any other medical condition that heightens the risk of infection, make sure you don’t try to remove seed corns on your own. 

Your Surgeon in Miami Can Help You Get Rid of Seed Corns

Sometimes, medical treatment is the best and most effective course of action for getting rid of seed corns. If you’re interested in the corn removal surgery process, feel free to contact us and book your free consultation. Our experienced team at Luxe Foot Surgery will determine if you’re the right candidate for this type of procedure and, if so, help you get rid of seed corns for good – so don’t waste any more of your time. 


Why Does My Seed Corn Keep Coming Back?

The most common reasons for recurring seed corns are ill-fitting shoes – change the type of shoes you wear, and you’ll be able to notice an improvement.

How Do You Get Rid of Seed Corn Easily?

The easiest way to get rid of corns is by undergoing corn removal surgery.

How Long Does It Take for a Seed Corn to Go Away?

You’ll need to wait at least two weeks before seeing results with any home treatments. With corn removal surgery, on the other hand, the results are instant. 

Will a Seed Corn on the Foot Go Away on Its Own?

It isn’t likely for seed corns to go away on their own, especially if you neglect them over a longer period of time – home or even medical treatments are usually needed. 



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