Toe Shortening Surgery in Chicago

Toe Shortening Surgery in Chicago

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If your toes have been an insecurity of yours for a long time – you couldn’t find shoes that fit properly, you’ve been avoiding slippers and sandals for years, and you’ve been experiencing pain and discomfort from ill-fitting shoes, perhaps toe shortening surgery is the right solution for you. Not only will you feel comfortable and pain-free, but your feet will be picture-perfect. 

What Are the Main Reasons for Toe Shortening Surgery

There are many reasons why people have made toe shortening surgery so popular. It’s a short procedure that can drastically improve your life quality, and it’s not just about making your feet look pretty. 

Cosmetic Concerns

Even though every doctor would always advise you against unnecessary surgery, if your long toes have been causing you to have insecurity about your feet for years, it’s not an unnecessary procedure. There is no need for you to hide your toes and be scared of sandals, slippers, and pedicures. Long toes can not only look a bit out of the ordinary, but they can also stop you from wearing shoes you’ve always admired as you can’t fit into them. All of these concerns can be fixed with a simple procedure. 

Chronic Pain and Discomfort Due to Long Toes

Toe shortening surgery isn’t only performed due to cosmetic reasons and you wanting to have beautiful feet – sometimes it’s a medical necessity. Long and deformed toes are not only rough to look at, but they can also cause a lot of toe pain, discomfort, and restrictions with everyday activities. You could also be having trouble with finding appropriate footwear that will fit your toes right, which could result in a lot of foot corns and calluses. 

Injuries or Deformities

If left untreated, deformed toes can actually progress and become more deformed and even cause further injuries. Toe shortening surgery is the only way to fully treat and prevent from causing more damage. 

Long and deformed toes can cause pain and discomfort

What Are The Popular Toe Shortening Surgery Options

There are two most popular options when it comes to toe shortening surgery – arthroplasty and bone fusion. If you pick arthroplasty or joint resection, the doctor will be removing part of the toe joint, while in the case of bone fusion, a whole toe joint will be removed.

How to Prepare for Toe Shortening Surgery?

Luckily for you, there are no special ways in which you have to prepare for the surgery. Simply avoid medications like ibuprofen or aspirin, and prepare mentally. 

How Long Does the Recovery Last?

Since it’s an outpatient procedure, you will be back resting at home right after the procedure. The total recovery time is around 6 weeks, but you should be back on your feet and go to work after 2 weeks. 

The total recovery time is about 6 weeks

Schedule Your Toe Shortening Surgery in Chicago and Get Rid of Pain

If you’re interested in toe shortening surgery but you have some misgivings, feel free to contact us and share any questions or concerns you may have. And if you want to have a reliable surgeon perform the procedure, book your appointment at the Luxe Foot Surgery center. 


How Much Is a Toe Shortening Surgery?

Depending on where you decide to go for this procedure, the price of toe shortening surgery can vary. Also, you should know that toe shortening surgery is priced based on how many toes you decide to alter. In most places, it costs anywhere from $500-$1,500 per toe, and the average cost of the entire surgery at our clinic is anywhere from $3,000-$7,000. 

Can You Get Surgery to Make Your Toes Shorter?

Yes, just like you can make your nose smaller or your lips bigger, you can also make your toes shorter if that’s something you’d be interested in. 

Is Toe Shortening Surgery Worth It?

Most people that decide to undergo toe shortening surgery end up loving the results as it brings them more comfort and more confidence, so yes – toe shortening surgery is worth it in most cases. 

How Long Is Toe Shortening Surgery?

Toe shortening surgery is a fairly quick procedure, as it usually lasts 20-40 minutes. It’s a minimally invasive procedure, and it will be done in under an hour. 


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