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Get relief from painful bunions, hammertoe, or corns with a minimally invasive technique. We offer the minimally invasive toe surgery like toe shortening, toe lengthening, and toe straightening. 


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Our mission is to provide the highest quality of care possible in a safe environment to the community and in the field of surgical treatment of the foot and ankle. We offer the most advanced corrective surgical procedures, traditional and minimally invasive, available.

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Miami is a world-renowned destination for cosmetic surgery, so if you’re considering a foot makeover then there’s no better place to be! Included in our list of fun things to do is visit Miami beach, but even if spending time on the sand isn’t your thing we have plenty of things for you to do.

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Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive foot surgery techniques are a new approach to dealing with many foot problems. The idea behind this is to reduce the trauma and pain of surgery by making it less invasive. Traditional, open surgery can be very painful, expensive, and time-consuming. Minimally invasive techniques are less traumatic for the patient and offer a quicker recovery time.

The main goal of minimally invasive foot surgery is to avoid major incisions or amputations of the toes, bones or joints in order to save as much tissue as possible. This procedure also has a lower risk of infection and faster recovery times than traditional open surgeries. Minimally invasive foot surgery is a type of surgery that is performed on the foot with the use of local anesthesia

It can be used to treat many conditions such as hammer toes, bunions, toe shortening and lengthening. The main benefit of minimally invasive foot surgery is that it requires less recovery time than traditional surgery. It can also be used to treat conditions that are difficult to access during traditional surgery because of their location in the foot.

Luxe foot surgery center is the place for people who are looking for foot surgery. Our center provides a wide range of services from reconstructive surgery to sports medicine

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