Dr. Ray Lopez DPM
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A podiatrist with a passion, Dr. Lopez has always put his patients first. He provides a unique care for each of his patients. He takes time to get to know each and every patient.

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Dr Ray Lopez podiatrist

Meet Dr. Ray Lopez DPM

Dr. Lopez understands that every patient is unique and therefore approaches each patient with the individualized care and personal attention they deserve. Of upmost importance for Dr. Ray Lopez is his unparalleled dedication to providing excellence in both surgical and non surgical results with meticulous attention to detail and an extraordinary level of care.

Always a doctor first, putting his patients interests above all, from a family of physicians and surgeons Dr. Ray Lopez developed his passion for medicine at an early age. He has continued this pursuit to provide his patients with the latest techniques in minimally invasive foot and ankle surgery.


“ The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art”

-Leonardo da Vinci

Dr. Ray Lopez


Dr. Lopez went on to complete a rigorous 3-year residency in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery at Mt. Sinai Medical Center Miami Beach, FL. There Dr. Lopez sought additional training in lower extremity cosmetic and reconstructive surgery under Tarik Husain MD, which included microsurgery, nerve repair/reconstruction, skin graft/flap techniques, and lower extremity liposuction/fat grafting.

Incredibly, while still in residency, Dr. Lopez developed and published his first minimally invasive procedure for the treatment of hammertoe deformities the No-Scar ™ technique for Hammertoe correction (Plantar Incision Hammertoe Repair), leaving patients with no visible scar postoperatively. 

Ever mindful of his patients expectations for cutting edge treatments with cosmetic results, Dr. Lopez has continued his passion to innovate and has since developed multiple minimally invasive procedures for treating the most common pathologies of the lower extremity. It is Dr. Lopez’s mission to deliver his patients the highest level of care with the greatest results possible.

Your Dream. Our Mission.​

Dr. Lopez’s Training

After receiving a BS in Biology with a minor in health and chemistry from the University of Houston, Houston TX,

Dr. Lopez completed 4 years of Podiatric Medical School at Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine in Miami, FL having achieved the dean’s list on multiple occasions.

His method has been tested

Dr. Ray Lopez, DPM – Google Reviews

Just got foot surgery by Dr Ray..I couldnt be happier with the results...he is an outstanding surgeon, whose staff is friendly, helpful and sweet, all that made the whole experience so extraordinary . Thank you guys!!!
Ira Galvis -
My Mom had been considering bunion surgery for many years. She had been so scared to have this done for so long! I searched for weeks for the right medical professional, and I finally decided Dr. Lopez was the way to go. We traveled from Key Largo to Miami Beach to see him, and it was well worth it. His office was very clean and his staff are lovely and professional. Dr. Lopez himself did a fantastic job on Mom's bunionectomy and hammer toe surgery. She was very pleased with the results. He was kind, charming, professional, and all around pleasant to deal with. I would recommend him to anyone seeking foot care and treatment.
A Pearson -
After years of being afraid to do surgery, I finally decided to go through with it after finding Dr. Lopez. I could not have made a better decision, I am so content with the results! Not only was Dr. Lopez great, his whole staff has been nothing but amazing! Currently still recovering (great) but cannot wait to see the full results! I highly recommend his knowledge and expertise! Thank you Dr. Lopez!!!
Karla Rodriguez -