Bunion Callus Shaving: Is It a Good Idea?

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A bunion is a common deformity that occurs on the foot. It can get complicated by many different issues, one of them being a callus. When a callus forms on top of the bunion, it leads to pain and discomfort, which is why many consider bunion callus shaving. Still, is that the best approach to fixing this problem? Let’s find out. 

What Exactly Is a Callus on the Bunion?

When a certain area of your skin is exposed to excessive, repeated friction, the skin reacts and tries to protect itself by thickening – that’s how a callus forms. Calluses are essentially rough patches of dead skin that serve as bumpers of a kind. When you have a bunion, the skin on top of it is constantly exposed to friction – when you wear shoes (especially tight ones), the bunion rubs on the inside of the shoe. Over time, a callus will form in that area. 

Should You Shave Off Your Calluses?

It might be tempting to simply cut off or shave the dead skin of a callus on your own, but every foot doctor will tell you that’s a very bad idea. You should never try to shave a callus by yourself. First, you could end up damaging the surrounding healthy skin because you likely won’t be able to shave off the callus precisely. 

Second, you run the risk of infecting your foot – you probably don’t have a sterile blade at home that you can use. For these reasons, shaving off the skin on a callus should only be done by medical professionals. They will have sterile scalpels and will know how exactly to shave off a callus. 

What Are the Alternatives to Bunion Callus Shaving?

If you don’t want to pay a visit to your podiatrist and get the callus shaved, there are at-home treatment alternatives that you can give a try. In most cases, these can be enough to get rid of a callus – with a bit of time and patience. Still, come calluses may be too thick and require treatment by a doctor. 

Soaking Your Feet

The first method you should try is soaking the foot with a callus in warm water. You can add some soap if you like. Leave the foot soaked for about 20 minutes, and then try to gently peel off a layer of a callus with a towel or your finger. Little by little, with several soaking sessions, you might be able to get rid of a callus completely. 

Filing the Excess Skin With a Pumice Stone

Pumice stone – or a nail file as an alternative – can be used to file off the dead skin that forms a callus. You should soak your feet in warm soapy water first (like explained above), and then slowly rub the callus with a pumice stone – use circular motions. Don’t try to get rid of an entire callus at once – it’s recommended that you do this over the course of several soaking sessions. 

Wearing Non-Medicated Pads

Although you should avoid medicated pads (like those with salicylic acid that can leave white spots), non-medicated ones are highly recommended. You should wear them underneath the socks – they will keep the callus protected from friction and irritation and allow your skin to heal. 

Call a Doctor in Miami and Get Proper Treatment for Your Calluses

If you’re not sure what kind of treatment would suit you best, we suggest you reach out to our Luxe Foot Surgery clinic and get an appointment with one of our excellent doctors who can help you with your calluses. Contact us to get your free first consultation!



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