Bunion Recovery Week-By-Week Process

Bunion Recovery Week-By-Week Process

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Bunion surgery is a highly successful procedure, and most patients recover from it quite well and in a short amount of time. What can you expect from a bunion recovery week-by-week process? Let’s break it down to help you understand what your recovery will look like. 

Week 1: Immediate Post-op Period

Bunion surgery is a minimally invasive procedure, which means that you will be able to go home the same day after the procedure. The first week will be the hardest – that’s when the pain is the strongest, but after you get through that, things will start to look up. 

It Is Important to Take Care of the Wound and Rest

After the surgery, you won’t be able to put weight on the operated foot. It’s advised to rest as much as you can until the wound starts to heal. It’s especially important to rest during the first week – you’ll be able to start walking after a few weeks. 

Week 2: Managing Pain and Swelling

How should you deal with the pain and swelling? Putting ice packs is often recommended – but keep in mind that you should never put ice directly on the skin. Use a clean cloth or a towel. Apart from this method, you can also elevate your foot a couple of times a day – this will help reduce swelling. 

Gradual Weight-Bearing and Mobility

Week 3: Gradual Weight-Bearing and Mobility

After the second week is over, you will be able to slowly get back to walking. Don’t try to do too much at once – take it easy, and start by putting weight on the foot. You can then try to walk short distances in your home – this will help you gradually return to a normal rhythm. 

Week 4: Incision Care and Dressing Changes

Your foot doctor will give you instructions for your wound care. The most important thing to know is that you have to keep the incision clean and dry. Regular dressing changes are crucial – you will have to do this until the wound starts to heal. Your doctor will inform you about everything at follow-up appointments. 

Week 5: Physical Therapy and Exercises

As you slowly return to everyday activities, incorporating foot exercises into your routine will be of huge importance. In most cases, doctors recommend physical therapy where patients can practice with a medical professional and strengthen the operated foot. 

Don’t Miss Out on Your Exercises

There are many great exercises you can do at home – if your doctor recommends them, be sure not to skip doing them. Exercise can fasten the recovery after bunion surgery and help you heal properly. 

Week 6: Transitioning to Regular Footwear

In most cases of bunion surgeries, patients are required to wear a special surgical boot until the bones heal. The boot is supposed to keep the bones in the correct positions, and it’s usually worn for about 4-6 weeks. After six weeks, your doctor will recommend returning to your usual footwear – be sure to pick something comfortable. 

Week 6 Transitioning to Regular Footwear

Week 7: Returning to Daily Activities

The initial recovery period after bunion surgery is 6-8 weeks, which means that most patients are well and recovered at about the 7-week mark. This is when the swelling and pain are completely gone, and you can return to your everyday routine with no problems. 

Week 8: Monitoring Progress and Follow-Up Appointments

In certain cases, the recovery can last a bit longer than expected, so follow-up appointments are common at week 8. The purpose of this is to determine if everything has gone as planned – your doctor needs to see how you’ve healed. 

Go Over the Bunion Recovery Week-By-Week Process With Your Doctor in Miami

If you’re interested in learning more about bunion surgery recovery, scheduling an appointment to discuss this with your doctor is a great idea. Our team at Luxe Foot Surgery clinic can help you with this – contact us to book your appointment. 



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