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Corn Foot Cream: Using Moisturizing Products to Prevent and Treat Corns

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It is estimated that 15% of the population is dealing with corns or calluses. Many, however, are able to remove corns permanently with the help of moisturizing corn foot cream. Before opting for a corn removal surgery, make sure to find out which of these creams can help you with corns that have formed on your foot – or even prevent them from occurring altogether.

Will Using a Corn Foot Cream Help You?

Moisturizing foot cream or lotion can help with corn treatment, especially if they contain ingredients such as salicylic acid, ammonium lactate, or urea. Corns are usually represented by small and round-shaped patches of thickened skin – and moisturizing products can soften them. 

However, in some cases, foot creams are not the best solution. If you have other foot conditions, such as hammer toe or bunion, the corn will keep reappearing until you fix these deformities. On the other hand, deep corns can prevent some people from leading an active lifestyle by causing severe discomfort and pain. If that’s the case, corn removal surgery may be the better option. 

What is the Best Corn Foot Cream?

There are some pretty good corn foot creams on the market that can help you treat this issue or even prevent it from occurring. Applying hydrating creams or lotions is one of the best non-invasive methods of treating foot corns, but you need to ensure you’re using the best of them. When the time for choosing comes, here are some products you should consider. 

AmLactin Foot Repair Foot Cream Therapy

AmLactin cream is one of the best moisturizers to use to increase skin hydration and make it softer. This 15% lactic acid foot cream can be used as a part of your regular skin-care routine because it’s easy on the skin but boosts its natural renewal – which can be helpful with a corn removal process. 

PurSources PurOrganica Urea 40% Foot Cream

Urea is an ingredient that can help you prevent and treat scaly and dry skin. Therefore, there is no wonder that PurSources PurOrganica Urea 40% cream is also one of the moisturizing products that can help you achieve smooth and corn-free feet. 

Barefoot Scientist High Dive Intensive Hydration Cream

Barefoot Scientist High Dive is another hydrating cream used for healing and softening hardened skin through a formula that helps you retain optimal foot hydration levels throughout the day. It’s able to penetrate deep into the skin, even its thickened parts, and provide the necessary moisture. 

Shea butter, hyaluronic acid, urea, glycerin, and many other provenly effective moisturizers are part of this product’s unique formula. They are able to restore water content, promote cellular elasticity, retain hydration – and help you deal with hard, seed, or soft corns. It’s good to know that it’s a completely vegan and cruelty-free product that doesn’t contain any parabens or phthalates. 

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Consult Your Surgeon in Miami About the Surgery if the Cream Doesn’t Help

Unfortunately, applying moisturizing products sometimes won’t be enough to prevent corn from forming and making an already formed corn disappear. If you’ve already used some of the best corn foot creams and don’t see results, it may be time to reach out to medical experts. We at Luxe Foot Surgery will be happy to offer you free consultation during which we will discuss your condition and possible solutions. Therefore, feel free to contact us through an online form or over the phone and get your answers as soon as possible. 


What Is the Best Cream for Corns on Feet?

Best corn foot creams are those that contain moisturizing ingredients such as salicylic acid, glycerin, urea, and so on. Good alternatives for the products mentioned above are Kiehl’s Intensive Treatment & Moisturizer or CeraVe Moisturizing Cream.

How Do You Get Rid of Corns Permanently?

Wearing shoes that fit you best, moisturizing your feet, and trimming away the dead skin around the corn should help you treat this condition and prevent new ones from occurring. However, keep in mind that there are some situations when corn removal surgery is not only the best but the only possible option. 

How Long Does It Take for Salicylic Acid to Remove Corns?

Salicylic acid is known to help with corn removal and can be used in many different forms (through cream, gel, corn pads, and so on). It usually takes a few weeks for the corn to disappear after being treated with salicylic acid.


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