How to Treat a Corn on the Side of my Foot

How to Treat a Corn on the Side of my Foot?

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Simply put, corns are thickened layers of skin that occur due to constant pressure or fraction on your skin. But how can I diagnose the corn on the side of my foot and get rid of it? If you’re searching for the right answers to these questions, make sure to learn all about corn removal surgery as well as other alternative foot corn treatments. 

Can I Have a Corn on the Side of My Foot?

Not only can corns occur on the side of the feet, but it’s one of the most common places they are formed. In most cases, they develop due to walking in ill-fitting shoes, which causes irritation and pressure on the skin – and results in its hardening. Corns on the side of the foot belong to the so-called hard corns type, which differs from seed and soft corns

How to Diagnose It?

You can diagnose a foot corn easily, even on your own. All you have to do is perform a physical examination of the skin on the side of your feet and see if you can find any small patches of hardened skin or bump. If you’re not certain whether you have corns, or you aren’t sure if you have corns or calluses, you can always seek the help of a medical expert. 

How Can You Treat Corn on the Side of Your Foot?

Besides having a corn removal surgery, you can try to remove the corn on the side of your foot at home with the help of some proven non-invasive treatment methods. Take a look at some of the most common ways of foot corn treatments. 

You Can File Away the Corn

Trimming the corn starts with soaking your feet in a warm bath – you can add Epsom salts to it. Once you dry your feet, apply a moisturizer that will hydrate and soften your skin, including the hardened corn parts. Repeat this on a daily basis until the corn is softened, and start rubbing it gently with the pumice stone. Repeat this process regularly until the corn disappears (it can take up to a few weeks).

Use Castor Oils and Corn Pads

Corn pads and castor oils are other great options for deep corn removal. This method also implies soaking your feet daily, after which you should apply castor oil and protect the area with a corn pad (both of these products you should be able to purchase at your nearest pharmacy). Castor oil will moisturize the skin, while pads are there to protect the sensitive area and let the corn heal. Prepare to wait several weeks before seeing the results. 

Try Over-the-Counter Options

Corn pads that contain salicylic acid are known to heal corns fast. If you choose to apply them to your corns, they should disappear in just two weeks – as long as you follow the instructions on how to use the product properly. 

A small corn pad on the second toe of a man's foot

When Should You Contact Your Doctor?

Of course, there is no absolute guarantee that the home treatment option will work. If you don’t see the improvement, then it may be time to look for a corn removal surgery clinic and professional that will be able to treat the corn successfully. At the same time, know that some medical conditions (such as diabetes, bad circulation, and the like) should prevent you from trying to remove the corn on your own. Since they raise the possibility of infection, it would be best to entrust corn removal to medical professionals. 

Contact Your Miami Surgeon and Get Rid of the Corn on the Side of Your Foot

Corn removal surgery is the fastest and the most efficient way of treating a corn on the side of your foot. If you’re considering undergoing this procedure, our team at Luxe Foot Surgery is here to help you find the best possible solution for your condition and answer all the questions you may have. Send us an online inquiry or contact us over the phone and make sure to book your free consultation. 


What Does a Corn Look Like on the Side of the Foot?

The corn on this side of the foot usually looks like a round and small bump of thickened skin raised above the regular level and surrounded by irritated skin.

Can I Pull Out a Corn on My Foot?

It’s not safe to cut out the corn on your own due to the risk of bleeding and infection. It’s always a better choice to let medical experts treat it properly.

Is It a Corn or Callus on the Side of the Foot?

When you spot a patch of hardened skin on the side of the foot, it’s more likely that it is a corn than a callus since calluses tend to form on the soles of your feet (on the areas responsible for bearing weight). 


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