Understanding Foot Corn Surgery

Understanding Foot Corn Surgery: Benefits, Risks, and Recovery

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Although many different types of corns can be removed with the help of at-home treatments, sometimes undergoing foot corn surgery is the best option. If you wish to get rid of a corn on your foot, make sure you learn all about what this surgical procedure implies and what you can gain with it.

What Is Foot Corn Surgery Exactly? 

A corn removal surgery is a simple, minimally invasive surgical procedure that takes only about half an hour to complete. It implies trimming the corn, removing its core (the corn’s center where the skin is the densest), and closing the incision. While some home treatments take weeks for you to see an improvement (if any), this procedure is a much more efficient way of dealing with this foot condition, even when you need a deep corn removal

Is It Painful?

In most cases, patients undergo this procedure under local anesthesia, which means they won’t feel any pain during the length of the surgery. After the anesthesia wears off, you’ll probably feel a bit of throbbing and ache in the place from where the corn was removed. However, your doctor should prescribe you some pain medication that should make you feel more comfortable. 

What Are the Benefits of Foot Corn Surgery?

Not only will you be able to improve the aesthetics of your feet, but any discomfort or pain you previously experienced due to hard or soft corns will be gone. It also doesn’t imply almost any work on your side, as opposed to home treatments that demand your devotion each day for a few weeks – and sometimes even longer. The results of the corn surgery can be visible right away without scarring or white spots. All that you’ll be left with is a small, barely visible hole in the area where the corn’s core was. 

Are There Some Risks When It Comes to the Procedure?

Since it’s a minimally invasive procedure, the risks that come with this surgery are also minimal. Some side effects may include bleeding, nerve damage, and infection. However, the more reliable the corn removal surgery clinic you choose is, the lower the chances of complications occurring. If you’re concerned about the possible side effects, share your worries with your doctor, who will advise you and determine the next course of action.

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How Long Is the Recovery Process?

The recovery process usually takes between six weeks and three months. The stitches, if necessary, should be removed within ten days. However, you should limit your physical activity for at least three weeks post-surgery. After the healing process is successfully over, you’ll be able to lead an active lifestyle and enjoy a much better appearance of your foot.

What Should You Do During the Recovery Process?

In the first week following the surgery, you need to elevate and ice your foot as much as possible. Your doctor will also provide you with a postoperative shoe that will protect the operated area – make sure you wear it as instructed in order to shorten your recovery time. You’ll need to use it for about two weeks after the procedure. At the same time, keep in mind that dressing should not get wet and that your feet must stay clean. 

Schedule the Foot Corn Surgery in Miami and Get Rid of Pain

If you think you are a good candidate for this procedure, the next step is to book a consultation with experts in the field. Luxe Foot Surgery is made up of a team of skilled and experienced medical professionals that are able to provide you with the best possible treatment and help you get rid of pain caused by the corns. If you’re interested in scheduling your free appointment, feel free to contact us as soon as possible – you can do it both over the phone or online. 


Can Corns Be Removed Surgically?

Not only can corns be removed surgically, but it’s one of the most effective ways of dealing with a corn. If you wish to ensure you’re the right candidate for this procedure, make sure to schedule an appointment with a professional podiatrist. 

Can Foot Corns Be Permanently Removed?

Corns can be permanently removed, especially if you decide to undergo a corn removal surgery. However, you also need to remove the causes of their development. In most cases, getting rid of unsuitable shoes should be enough.


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