How Old Should You Be to Get Bunion Surgery

How Old Should You Be to Get Bunion Surgery

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Bunion surgery can be necessary if bunions cause pain, swelling, and discomfort in walking and participating in everyday activities. However, what happens when it occurs in kids? How old should you be to get bunion surgery?

How Old Should You Be to Get Bunion Surgery in the US?

There are no strict rules about this, but due to the nature of children’s feet and the tendency of feet to keep growing and realigning, usually, no one has this procedure done before the age of twelve. This is why surgery is often delayed until this period. In most cases, younger children don’t even have bunions – it is typical for them to form at an older age. The most recommended period for this procedure is between the age of 35 and 45. If you have a procedure done during the period, the risks are lower, and the chances for a successful surgery without complications and bunion recurrence are bigger. 

What’s Bunion Surgery for Teens?

This surgery is not different from the surgery for adults. Traditional bunion surgery for all age groups is quite similar because the main goal is the same, and that’s the realignment of your big toe. The type of bunion surgery depends on the bunion condition. Depending on your specific case, this surgery can be more or less invasive, and with that, you can expect different lengths of the recovery period

Sometimes, younger age means better general health and faster recovery, but still, surgery isn’t recommended until the foot is grown. In general, this surgery involved making a large incision on the inner part of the toe. This allows the surgeon to open a joint of the big toe’s base and cut the metatarsal bone. This will allow the proper alignment of the toe’s position, which is called an osteotomy.

Does Bunion Surgery on Children and Teens Require Special Expertise?

Performing any type of surgery on children requires special expertise, so this is also the case with this one. The surgeon that operates on children has to understand the nature of the child’s bone growth patterns. This will ensure that the surgery doesn’t disrupt the child’s bone development and growth.

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What Kind of Results Can Patients Expect?

This procedure is relatively new in the pediatric population, so there are no registered benefits in large-scale studies. What science knows so far is that the bunions rarely recur. With low recurrence rates and overall help in growth and pain relief, this surgery has a good prognosis if done right. 

Consult With a Miami Surgeon Before the Bunion Surgery

If you’re curious to find out more about this procedure and wonder if you or your child can be operated on, book an appointment at Luxe Foot Surgery. Our expert will ensure you get the best possible medical treatment if you’re at a suitable age and your bunions need to be operated on. Just contact us if you have any dilemmas or concerns, and we’ll do our best to offer you safe and effective solutions.


Can a Teen Get Bunion Surgery?

Yes, a teen can get bunion surgery. The specific age of surgery will depend on the expert’s opinion and the severity of the case. 

Can You Get a Bunion in Your 20s?

It is possible to get a bunion in your 20s, and the reasons for this can be various. The good news is that you can get surgery at this age and ensure you don’t experience any problems that bunions can cause.

When Is It Too Late for Bunion Surgery?

It is never too late to have this surgery done. Sometimes when bunions get too painful, this can mean that the joint is already damaged, but even then, the surgery is even more necessary.

Why Do I Have a Bunion at 16?

Bunions are often inherited or caused by uncomfortable shoes or activities that cause unnatural foot positions. If the bunion shows at an early age, in most cases, this means it was inherited. Children born with Down syndrome or cerebral paralysis are at higher risk of having bunions.


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