Inside of a Corn on Foot

Inside of a Corn on Foot: Understanding the Anatomy of a Corn and How It Forms

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Corn problems are common, and people go through treatment and corn removal surgery all the time. You can always learn more about this problem, from signs and symptoms to getting inside of corn on foot. With all the information available, you can learn how to avoid this issue altogether.

Inside of a Corn on Foot – How Do They Form?

Contrary to what you might think, corns don’t have a root and don’t form as a condition that’s under the skin. They form around a specific area on the skin which takes the most friction. This part of the corn is called a core, a dense knot of skin.

They form because the skin that reacts to friction wants to protect the toe from discomfort. However, severe corn can cause discomfort, too, making treatment the only real solution to the problem.

Who Is More Likely to Get Them?

These are the people prone to getting foot corn:

  • Those who wear tight, uncomfortable, or ill-fitting shoes,
  • People working on their feet daily,
  • Runners,
  • Folks that already have foot problems or underlying medical conditions,
  • Diabetics.

Are Corns Painful?

They can be very painful, in which case they’re likely infected. When this happens, surgery becomes the best option. Fortunately, the procedure isn’t painful, but there can be some swelling and discomfort afterward.

What Are Corns?

Corns are hard and thick skin layers on the bottom of the feet. They often appear on the toes or near them, typically where the tissue around the bone is thinner. Corn issues don’t always warrant deep corn removal (surgery) but can escalate and become extremely painful.

The skin becomes hardened due to friction and irritation, often caused by tight and uncomfortable shoes. People who frequently work on their feet or with their hands have an increased risk of developing corn and calluses.

What Types of Corn Are There?

There are three types of corn:

  • Seed corns, which are small and on the bottom of the feet,
  • Soft corns, which develop between the toes and have a whitish color,
  • Hard corns, which form on top of toes and overtake a denser and larger skin area.

How Are Corns Diagnosed?

Fortunately, you don’t have to make a doctor’s appointment to diagnose corn, although it’s more than recommended to do so even after your inspection. You can look at the painful area on your foot and see if there’s a yellowish, firm area protruding from the skin.

Since you’re likely no expert, a doctor’s opinion is the best. They take a thorough look at the feet, ask about their overall health and condition, and ask you about other medical problems.

The doctor inspects the feet for deformities, structural and alignment problems in the bones, and your gait. Sometimes, corn can be caused by walking style, too.

How Are They Treated?

You can treat the corn on your feet with many different products and methods. One would be soaking the feet for ten minutes and filing the corn manually – this could help remove the smaller and less pesky corn.

You can also buy a moisturizing cream and use it every day to get rid of the annoying corn. An even better result can be achieved if you clean or wash your feet before adding any cream.

Finally, if self-care doesn’t help, it makes sense for your doctor to consider surgery.

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Schedule Corn Removal Procedure With Your Miami Surgeon

For anyone with persistent corn and difficulties walking, contacting a surgeon in Miami is the best way forward. At Luxe Foot Surgery, we aim to make our clients happy and proud of their bodies once again.

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Do Foot Corns Have a Core?

Yes, they do. The core consists of a dead skin knot.

Can You Pull a Corn Out of Your Foot?

The corn isn’t in the foot but on it – a surface-level problem. This means it can be filed by a pumice stone or another tool safe for the skin.


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