Pulling a Corn Out of Your Foot

Pulling a Corn Out of Your Foot: When and How to Remove a Corn

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Pulling a corn out of your foot might sound scary and challenging, especially if you try doing this on your own without having any experience or knowledge about this procedure. This is why it is essential that you know when is the right moment to pull a corn out or when you should visit a doctor and have a corn removal surgery

Pulling a Corn Out of Your Foot – How Can It Be Done?

To remove a corn or callus, try the following suggestions:

  • Put your feet in the water. Corns, as well as calluses, can usually be softened by soaking them in warm and soapy water (and keeping them like this for 15 minutes or more). After the soaking treatment, the thicker skin may become softer and easier to remove. 
  • Hydrate your skin. Regularly apply moisturizer to your hands and feet.
  • Put on some cozy shoes and socks. Wear socks and comfortable, cushioned shoes, at least until the corn starts to fade.

Trimming Excess Skin

There are many ways to trim the excess skin, which will help you get rid of corn. Rub the corn with a washcloth, pumice stone, emery board, or nail file after you’ve softened the skin. By doing this, you can get rid of some hardened skin. Don’t trim the skin with a sharp object. If you have diabetes, stay away from using pumice stones.

Using Medicated Patches

Using corn pads is one of the ways to get rid of the discomfort caused by this condition. Put a foam cushion in the shape of a donut on the place where the corn developed to protect it. Use caution when using medicated corn pads or nonprescription liquid corn removers. Salicylic acid, which is present in these, can irritate the skin and cause infection, especially in those with diabetes or other diseases that reduce blood flow. Before employing a medicated pad, Vaseline (petroleum jelly) can be applied to the region surrounding the corn or callus to protect healthy skin.


The final solution for this problem is surgery – in case those less invasive methods such as skin trimming and using medical patches don’t help. The most important thing about the surgery is that you need to find a trustworthy doctor that has a modern approach, quality equipment, and the right expertise. The doctor that needs to take care of your condition should be a certified podiatrist working at a good clinic. 

Are There Some Home Remedies to Help You Remove Corn?

Home remedies that can help you reduce corn are already mentioned previously, and they include soaking your feet and trimming the excess skin after it gets soft. You can also try using some essential oils to rub your skin and keep your shoes comfortable. Continue using padded socks and everything else that might help you stay comfortable and numb your pain. 

Corn on a foot

When Should You Consult a Foot Specialist?

If you try using these home remedies and don’t notice any improvement in your condition or even notice that your condition starts looking worse, it is the right moment to see a podiatrist. They will give you the best possible advice regarding your current case and consider other medical conditions that might affect your corn, skin, and inflammations. They will know if the surgery will bring you the best results and advise you on other treatment methods that you didn’t try before. 

A Surgeon in Miami Can Make Pulling a Corn Out of Your Foot Fast and Easy

Visiting a surgeon in Miami at the Luxe Foot Surgery clinic is the best option for patients in this area that are looking for a quick and efficient solution to their foot conditions. Our trustworthy experts can provide you with the proper care and treatment. Just contact us to book an appointment at our clinic and find out more information about corn removal surgery and the recovery process


Can You Remove the Root of a Corn?

Corns, in contrast to plants, do not have any kind of “roots”! Corns are nothing more than a buildup of thicker skin that has been forced into your foot. Some corns, however, are very deep and may have a cone-shaped buildup that resembles a root. To remove this buildup, all you have to do is release some of the pressure from the corn and remove the source of friction.

Can You Rip Out Your Corn?

You shouldn’t try to chop or shave away your corn because doing so can lead to an infection of the tissues that are nearby. Instead, just let them alone. Corns should never be trimmed or shaved by anyone other than a medical professional.


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