Bunion Surgery on Both Feet

Bunion Surgery on Both Feet

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Bunions affect one-third of the American population. In older adults, particularly women, the foot problem presents itself more frequently, and sometimes both feet might develop bunions, which can disturb everyday activities. This is why many people decide to have them surgically removed. Bunion surgery on both feet can be very beneficial, so you should definitely consider it.

What If You Need a Bunionectomy on Both Feet?

It is possible to improve the alignment of both big toes and fix the tissue around them by undergoing a procedure known as a bilateral bunionectomy. This procedure removes bunions from both of your feet at the same time. After a consultation with your doctor, you will be given recommendations regarding the different types of bunion surgery that are most likely to be successful in treating your particular case.

What Is the Process of a Double Bunionectomy Surgery?

In the vast majority of bunion surgeries, your doctor will make a small incision along the joint of your big toe, after which they will realign it. In addition to this, your surgeon may realign the tendons that are surrounding your toe joint. Both of your feet will go through the exact same procedure.

How Long Does the Recovery Process Last

The vast majority of patients who undergo bunion surgery recover successfully and are able to get back to their regular activities within six to twelve weeks. Keep in mind that the recovery period can be slightly shorter and more comfortable if you only have this procedure done on one foot at a time. 

What Is the Process of a Double Bunionectomy Surgery.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Having Bunion Surgery on Both Feet?

Do you need bunion surgery? Convenience is the primary driver behind the decision made by many patients to undergo surgery to correct bunions on both of their feet at the same time. Instead of waiting for one at a time, many people would rather have them done all at once. 

On the other hand, the majority of medical professionals advise patients to wait about 6 to 8 weeks between bunion surgeries and to have only one of the bunions removed at a time. If you have bunions on both feet, you should reconsider having surgery done on both feet at the same time for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • Because you won’t be able to place weight on either foot following surgery, your range of motion will be restricted,
  • It will be more challenging to care for both of your feet following surgery instead of just one,
  • Your overall recovery time may be longer,
  • It’s possible that you take care of one foot over the other, which could result in one foot recovering more quickly than the other.

Consult With Your Surgeon in Miami About the Procedure

In case you notice that you have bunions developed at both of your feet, you might start getting worried about the surgery and recovery process. This is why we strongly advise you to book a consultation at Luxe Foot Surgery. You can contact us at any time and make an appointment with one of our surgeons. They will answer all of the potential questions and put your worries to an end.


Can You Walk After Bunion Surgery on Both Feet?

Patients who have minimally invasive bunion surgery may be required to wear a small post-operative shoe for several weeks after their surgery. However, the majority of these patients are able to immediately return to their regular daily activities, such as walking or going to work. It is much easier to walk and participate in any movement when the surgery is done on one foot at a time. 

If you wear post-operative shoes on both of your feet at the same time, it will be much harder to walk around, and you’ll definitely need someone to help you around your home for the first couple of days. In general, this can mean slower recovery than having one foot done at a time.

Is It Common to Have Bunions on Both Feet?

It is pretty common for people to develop bunions on both feet. In fact, it is almost as common as having bunions on only one of your feet. This shouldn’t worry you more – bunions on both of your feet can be surgically removed, which will bring you relief from the pain and discomfort you experience from them.


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