How Long After Bunion Surgery Can I Drive

How Long After Bunion Surgery Can I Drive

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If you are planning to have a bunion corrected, you might ask yourself, “How long after bunion surgery can I drive?” Driving might be part of your daily routine – a way to get to work, run errands, pick up your kids at school, and many other things. It is normal that people nowadays worry about the ability to drive – how else are you going to fulfill your daily chores? Bunion surgery, luckily, is minimally invasive, so you’ll be able to jump back into your driving seat in a short time.

What Is the Recovery Time for Different Bunion Surgeries? 

Did you know that there are different types of bunion surgeries? The type of surgery you need to have depends on your specific condition and, precisely, how severe it is. Traditional bunion surgery includes making an incision along the inner side of the big toe, realigning the toe joint, and fixing it in the proper position with the use of screws, wires, or plates if necessary. After the position of your toe is corrected, you won’t be able to walk for about two weeks. Full recovery length will depend on various factors, but in most cases, it will take from 3 to 6 months, maybe even a year.

Minimally invasive surgery involves making a very small incision, so the whole procedure causes less trauma and requires a shorter recovery time. In this case, patients are sometimes able to drive home after the surgery the very same day.

How Can You Speed up the Recovery Process

The best thing you can do before and after the surgery is to take care of your general health. There are several things you can do to help speed up the recovery. For example, you should take vitamins, make sure you sleep well, avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking and stay physically active as much as circumstances allow you. 

When Can You Resume Normal Activities After the Surgery?

This significantly depends on your definition of normal activities. Some find walking normal everyday activity, while others consider lifting heavy objects a daily activity. Usually, people are able to slowly start walking again about ten weeks after the surgery, but it is recommended that they don’t put too much pressure on the operated foot. As time passes, you can slowly start doing more demanding exercises until you completely recover. If everything goes well, you’ll be able to get back to the most demanding activities after six months when the pain and swelling completely go away. 

How Long After Bunion Surgery Can I Drive

After having traditional bunion surgery, it is recommended that you don’t drive for about six weeks. During this period, most of the negative recovery symptoms should go away, so you’ll be able to control your foot again without experiencing discomfort and normally drive at the same time. If you try driving after this period and still don’t feel comfortable, it is ok to wait for additional few weeks until you fully recover. If you think that there are some complications with your healing process, you should consult with your doctor. 

Talk to Your Surgeon in Miami Before Driving

Depending on your specific condition, the doctor should know when you’ll be able to drive again and participate in other regular activities. This is why it is recommended that you book an appointment at the Luxe Foot Surgery clinic in Miami. The doctor will tell you what type of surgery is recommended for your specific situation and how long the recovery will last. How long until I can drive after bunion surgery will no longer be a question that you don’t have an answer to if you decide to contact us.


How Soon Can You Drive After a Bunionectomy?

If you drive an automatic and get your left foot operated on, you’ll be able to drive about two weeks after the surgery. If your right foot was operated on, you’d need to wait from six to eight weeks to be able to drive again.

How Long Should You Stay Off Your Feet After Bunion Surgery?

It’s best that you stay off your feet for about two weeks after the bunion surgery.

Can I Walk 2 Weeks After Bunion Surgery?

You can slowly start walking again about two weeks after the bunion surgery, but you shouldn’t put too much pressure on your feet immediately when you start walking.

How Long Does It Take To Walk Normally After Bunion Surgery?

Complete recovery after bunion surgery will take approximately 3 to 6 months, and after this period, you’ll be able to participate in regular activities without experiencing pain and swelling.


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