How Much Does Hallux Rigidus Surgery Cost

How Much Does Hallux Rigidus Surgery Cost

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Surgery might be your only solution for severe pain and discomfort caused by hallux rigidus, but there are some expenses to take into account if your insurance policy doesn’t cover this surgery. How much does hallux rigidus surgery cost, and what can you get from it? Learn all about it and decide if you’re willing to pay this price to significantly improve your life quality.

Depending on the type of surgery, insurance coverage, and clinic pricing, the cost for this surgery can range from $3,000 to over $10,000. If the insurance covers some part of the surgery expenses and you wonder what the final price will be, you should consult with your doctor and insurance provider to determine the precise price.

What Determines the Cost of Hallux Rigidus Surgery?

Many different factors can determine the price of this surgery, including the severity of your case and the type of surgery that needs to be performed. The other important factor is insurance coverage. There are always some additional costs you can count on during recovery, as well as expenses for possible complications. 

Does Insurance Cover Some Costs?

As for the other foot surgeries, if this condition really causes pain and dysfunction in your everyday life, and your doctors believe that the surgery is the only solution, the insurance policy should cover the surgery expenses. Keep in mind that in this scenario, some additional recovery expenses probably won’t be covered by insurance. For example, you’ll need to buy medical shoes on your own and pay for physical therapy.

Are There Some Hidden Costs?

There aren’t any hidden costs, except the ones people usually forget about or don’t expect to have, such as the additional cost of anesthesia. This should also be covered by insurance, but in case you’re paying for the surgery out of your pocket, this is something you should also count on. Possible complications related to medication and additional treatments also bring additional costs people usually don’t count on. 

What Is Hallux Rigidus Surgery?

The condition known as hallux rigidus can be treated through a number of different surgical procedures. Your surgeon should select the operation or combo of surgeries for your particular situation after taking into consideration the severity of your deformities based on the findings of the X-rays, as well as your age, the amount of physical activity you engage in, and other criteria. There are several commonly used types of surgical procedures, each of which may undergo some degree of adaptation by your surgeon in order to best meet your requirements:

  • Cheilectomy,
  • Cheilectomy with Osteotomy,
  • Joint-Sparing Procedures,
  • Joint Removal Procedures (Arthrodesis).

Learn From Your Surgeon How Much Does Hallux Rigidus Surgery Cost

As for any other surgery, the price for this one depends on many factors. The first and most important factor is the type of surgery you’re having, and the second is the insurance coverage. For example, if your condition is mild to moderate, you probably don’t need some complicated surgery, and the price will be lower. On the other hand, if you have a severe case of hallux rigidus and it disturbs your everyday activities, the insurance policy should cover surgery expenses. No matter the case, you should check all of this information with your insurance provider and your doctor before making any final decisions.

Contact us and book a consultation with a doctor at the Luxe Foot Surgery clinic. After our doctor examines you, you’ll know which kind of surgery is needed for your specific condition, as well as its price. Our doctors can also give you information about other potential expenses that might come up during the recovery process, such as those for medical shoes, medication, and physical therapy. Once you have the bigger picture of all the factors that affect the final price of the surgery, you’ll know if you’re financially prepared for it.


What Is the Best Surgery for Hallux Rigidus?

When the trauma to the hallux rigidus is modest to moderate, a cheilectomy is the advised type of surgery. In this procedure, an incision is made on the top of the foot, and bone spurs and a section of the foot bone are cut away. This makes it possible for the toe to bend more naturally when the procedure is complete. Following surgery, it is likely that the affected toe and the incision site will continue to be swollen for several months.


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