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Once Stitches Are Removed After Bunion Surgery, Do I Keep It Covered

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Once stitches are removed after bunion surgery, do I keep it covered? This is an important question that might come up after bunion surgery. Treating your foot properly after the surgery will certainly speed up the recovery process. It is recommended that the doctor follows your condition and gives you advice on how to treat your foot after the procedure is done.

How Long Will You Have Stitches After the Surgery?

In most cases, stitches will stay on for about two weeks after the surgery. This will mostly depend on the type of bunion surgery you had and the severity of your bunion. If the surgery involves installing a removable pin that will hold your toe in place, the removal will usually be scheduled for 4 to 6 weeks after the surgery. 

When Are the Stitches Removed?

It is for the best that your surgeon follows the recovery process. They will know for sure if the recovery process is going as planned and know exactly when it is safe to remove your stitches. There are some potential problems that might occur in some rare cases after the surgery. If this happens, the recovery period might be longer than expected, so you might as well need to wait longer for stitches removal. Again, the surgeon will know the precise information, so it is best that you consult them about this. 

What to Do Once Stitches Are Removed After Bunion Surgery – Do I Keep It Covered?

It is recommended that you keep all the dressings in place and the operating area clean and dry until the stitches are removed. This period usually lasts for two weeks. During this period, you should reduce walking to the minimum, put pressure on your foot, and wear special shoes as your doctor prescribed. Once the stitches are removed, it’s best that you treat the scars according to your doctor’s instructions. Most importantly, you will be able to get your foot wet again and won’t have to keep it covered.

How Can You Treat Scars?

If the surgery involves making a bigger cut on your foot, it is highly recommended that you treat the scar. This isn’t complicated at all – you just need to apply scar cream on your foot for the first 6-8 weeks after the surgery. During this period, it is recommended that you apply it three times a day. After this period, you can apply it once a day for up to a year if you notice that scar tissue is still visible. 

Scar after the bunion surgery

Consult Your Surgeon in Miami if You Have Any Questions About the Stitches

Removing stitches after the surgery shouldn’t stress you out. It is normal that you keep them for a short period after the surgery when your foot should also be wrapped and dry. If the recovery process goes as planned, it is safe to remove the stitches after this period. Just to be sure that you are healing properly and that your stitches can be removed, you should consult with a surgeon. Book your appointment at the Luxe Foot Surgery clinic in Miami. After talking to our doctor, there won’t be any worry on your mind. Just contact us if you have any questions – the first consultation is free. 


What Happens When Stitches Are Removed After Bunion Surgery?

Once the stitches are removed, you don’t have to wrap your foot any longer. You can also slowly start stepping on your foot and stop wearing special shoes. Just make sure you’re comfortable enough and that you don’t feel any pain before jumping into any exercise and more demanding activities. You need to be patient during the healing process and avoid putting too much pressure on your foot. 

How Long Do You Keep Bandages on After Bunion Surgery?

Depending on the type of surgery you had, this period can vary from 2 to six weeks. It is recommended that your doctor follow the recovery and decide when it’s safe for you to remove bandages. This is usually related to removing your stitches as well. 

How Do You Prevent Scar Tissue After Bunion Surgery?

If you want to avoid having scar tissue, it is essential that you frequently apply scar cream on your foot, especially for the first couple of months after the surgery. You should apply it three times a day for the first 6 to 8 weeks and once a day after that period for up to a year. 

How Long After Bunion Surgery Can I Wear Normal Shoes?

It is recommended that you start wearing normal shoes about six weeks after the bunion surgery. You want to avoid potential complications that can occur if you push yourself into wearing uncomfortable footwear before your toe recovers.


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