Controlling Seed Corns on the Bottom of the Feet

Controlling Seed Corns on the Bottom of the Feet

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Seed corns are small spots of dense skin that usually form on the sole of your feet. While they can appear harmless, more often than not, they can cause pain and discomfort. So, is there a way of controlling seed corns on the bottom of the feet? From keeping good hygiene to corn removal surgery, we will show you some of the best ways you can prevent and deal with seed corns. 

Is Controlling Seed Corns on the Bottom of the Feet Possible?

Once seed corns occur, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to deal with them forever – controlling small corns on foot and getting rid of them is possible with proper care and management. There are numerous home treatments and medical solutions that can help you prevent seed corn formation or remove the corn that has already formed. 

How to Prevent Seed Corns on the Bottom of the Feet?

If you want to ensure your feet remain corn-free, there are some well-known actions you can take as a precaution – and here they are. 

Wearing Comfortable, Properly-Fitting Shoes

Make sure to wear shoes that fit properly and provide comfort, cushioning, and support for your feet. Avoid wearing shoes that are too tight or too loose, or those that have hard and inflexible soles, as these can increase pressure and friction, which are the main causes of seed corn formation.

Maintaining Good Hygiene

Keeping your feet dry and free of sweat can help to reduce the risk of seed corns. However, you should also consider using some moisturizing corn foot creams that will hydrate and soften your skin.

Taking Breaks From Activities That Cause Pressure on the Feet

Since seed corns are known to form on weight-bearing areas on the sole of the feet, note that overuse and repetitive stress from activities that cause pressure to your feet (such as walking, running, or even standing) can lead to foot corn symptoms. Therefore, whenever possible, ensure you take enough breaks to let your feet rest.

Is There a Medical Solution to Seed Corns Problem?

Once the seed corn occurs, you need to start treating it and preventing the condition from getting any worse. Here are some medical solutions you can explore.

Physical Therapy and Exercises

Regularly stretching the feet and toes can help to reduce tension and pressure on the affected areas, while strengthening the muscles in the feet and legs can help to improve overall foot stability and help you distribute your body weight better. As for the corn foot pain, you can try massaging affected areas to improve your circulation or applying ice to reduce the swelling that occurs with seed corns. 

Cryotherapy or Surgery

Some medical experts use liquid nitrogen and other similar substances to freeze a corn. It’s an effective way to get rid of corns, as long as you know what’s the cause for their occurrence in the first place – so you won’t get them again. 

You can also opt for foot corn surgery, a simple, minimally invasive procedure that will allow you to remove seed corns fast and permanently. If you decide to go with this option, look for a nearby corn removal surgery clinic and consult with experts in the field. 

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Talk to Your Surgeon in Miami and Remove Seed Corns From the Bottom of Your Feet

A surgical procedure is the best course of action for those who don’t want to deal with home treatments that may not show results or for those with medical conditions that can make handlining seed corns on their own dangerous. If you recognize yourself in one of these two groups, Luxe Foot Surgery is here to help. Our skilled team is trained to help you get rid of corns quickly and permanently, so don’t hesitate to contact us and book your free appointment.


Why Do I Keep Getting Seed Corns on My Feet?

If you notice seed corns recurring even after treatments, you probably need to change your footwear – it’s the number one reason corns on the bottom of the feet form. 

How Do You Fix Corns on the Bottom of Your Feet?

There are many home treatment solutions you can try. However, the fastest and most effective way to get rid of seed corns is to look for medical assistance. 

Why Does the Corn on the Bottom of My Foot Keep Coming Back?

Shoes that don’t fit well are the most common reasons a seed corn comes back, so you need to acquire better-fitting footwear. 

Will a Seed Corn on the Foot Go Away on Its Own?

A seed corn may go away once you start wearing more fitting shoes, but it’s more likely that you’ll need to undergo some kind of treatment.


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