Spider Vein Sclerotherapy Cost

Spider Vein Sclerotherapy Cost

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People who are dealing with stubborn spider veins know that they can only be removed surgically, but how much does spider vein sclerotherapy cost? Here is everything you should know about this spider vein treatment

What Is the Average Cost of Spider Vein Sclerotherapy

The average cost of spider vein sclerotherapy depends on the provider, but the average cost of the procedure is approximately $3,000. 

Spider Vein Sclerotherapy Cost

Does Insurance Cover a Part of the Cost?

Insurance may cover the total, or at least part of the cost of the procedure, depending on your plan. Make sure to check with your insurance provider if they will cover the cost of the sclerotherapy. In most cases, insurance will only cover the procedure if it’s medically necessary – if the spider veins are causing issues to your health, such as foot pain and discomfort in everyday activities such as standing, walking, or running. If the procedure is done solely for cosmetic purposes, insurance will not cover it. 

Are There Some Other Financial Options? 

If your insurance plan doesn’t cover the cost of the procedure, you can try other financial options, such as various charity-care programs.

How Can You Lower the Cost of the Procedure?

In some cases, you may be able to lower the total cost of the procedure by discussing it with the doctor and negotiating the price. 

How Can You Lower the Cost of the Procedure

What Factors Affecting the Spider Vein Sclerotherapy Cost?

There are several factors that Affecting the overall cost of spider vein sclerotherapy. Here are the main ones you should consider before booking an appointment. 

The cost of spider vein sclerotherapy can vary based on several factors:

  1. Geographical Location: The cost can differ significantly depending on whether you’re in a metropolitan area or a smaller town.
  2. Doctor’s Experience: A more experienced vascular surgeon or dermatologist might charge more than a less experienced practitioner.
  3. Number of Sessions Required: Depending on the extent and number of spider veins, multiple sessions might be needed.
  4. Size and Location of the Veins: Larger veins or those in more difficult-to-reach areas might cost more to treat.
  5. Facility Fees: Some clinics might charge additional fees for the use of their facilities.
  6. Post-Treatment Care: There might be additional costs for compression stockings or other post-treatment care items.

Consult Your Surgeon in Miami About the Price of Surgery

If you’re having any doubts or further questions about the price of sclerotherapy or the procedure itself, feel free to contact us, and our team will be happy to address your concerns. Once you have all the information, schedule an appointment with our surgeon at the Luxe Foot Surgery and have your spider veins safely and effectively removed. 


What Is Spider Vein Sclerotherapy?

Spider veins sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure where a doctor injects a chemical solution directly into the spider vein, causing it to close off and slowly disappear. 

How Many Sessions of Sclerotherapy Is Needed for Spider Veins?

Some people see results just after one treatment, but others need multiple treatments and injections in order to fully get rid of spider veins. 

How Long Does Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins Last?

Sclerotherapy for spider veins is a very quick procedure, and it usually lasts around half an hour, 45 minutes tops. 

Do Spider Veins Come Back After Sclerotherapy?

Spider veins can come back after sclerotherapy, especially in other parts of the body that haven’t already been treated. 

How Successful Is Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins?

Sclerotherapy is highly successful at getting rid of spider veins, and it’s one of the most effective treatment options available. 



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